iPhone faster on AT&T than Verizon

Frustrated iPhone users on AT&T’s network should think twice before moving to Verizon’s network. Wired says: Ookla, creators of the Speedtest.net broadband test, compiled data from tests run by iPhone customers using the Speedtest.net app on both AT&T and Verizon. On average, the reported AT&T iPhone transfer rates were roughly two times faster than the […]

Is this what the new Mac Book Pro looks like?

After my one and a half year old Mac Book Pro died two weeks ago and was resurrected by Apple’s repair technicians (they replaced the logic board and power connector), I am awaiting the new Mac Book Pro line which is rumoured to come out in the fall of this year. Fast Company reports that […]

Apple dominates EU and US, Nokia rules rest of the world

Mobile World Congress is underway in Barcelona and today was Smartphone and Tablet Launch Day with Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson announcing tablets and smartphones. However, the big elephant in the room once again is Apple. Apple does not attend these industry-centric self-congratulatory festivals and prefers to stage their own events when it suits them. […]

Fear of Apple-Google duopoly behind Nokia-Microsoft deal

For those of you still wondering why Nokia didn’t just run into the waiting arms of Android, ask yourself what exactly Nokia would have to gain by doing so. Nokia has one good thing going for it (so far): it has close relationships with mobile operators and an incredible distribution network through them. The operators […]

Nokia and Microsoft team up to fight Apple and Android

Nokia announced today that it will use the Windows Mobile operating system for its smartphones. Nokia has been struggling in the past two years because it has failed to make a smartphone that competes with the iPhone; worse, other cell phone manufacturers have adopted Google’s Android operating system for their smartphones. In the market for […]