Digital Cities and Why I Moved to Northern Ohio

This is part 2 of a series written by Marc Canter about digital cities and fiber optic networks. As the economic roller coaster ride over the past 20 years has taken us to new highs and lows, Cleveland and the Northern Ohio region have seen their economy flatline.  Once known as the home of innovation […]

Digital Cities and Fiber Optic Technology

A lot has been made recently of 1G fiber optic connections being wired up into people’s homes.  Here in Cleveland the Case Connection Zone project will be conducting research on what exactly would someone DO with all this bandwidth?   1G connections will be placed into 104 homes and apartments on Hessler St. – and the […]

PC World survey shows AT&T with fastest download speeds

The second PC World 3G Wireless Performance test shows AT&T leading the other cellular carriers in download speeds. In contrast to AT&T’s poor performance last spring, this time around AT&T seems to have made noticeable improvements in its network across the 13 cities where Novarum conducted its tests: “AT&T’s network turned in download speeds that […]

Nominate your city for Google’s fiber project

Do you want 100 Mbps+ broadband service in your city? Go to the Google Fiber For Communities site and nominate your city.  I filled it in for San Francisco. I am still very disappointed that the city never got around to setting up a fast wide-area Wi-Fi network in the most crowded areas such as […]

NTIA releases findings on US broadband adoption

The Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) today released a new report taking a first look at data collected through the Internet Usage Survey of more than 50,000 households, commissioned by NTIA and conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau in October 2009. Since 2007, the data show that while virtually all demographic […]