iPad is 2nd most popular device on WiFi networks

The iPad is now the second most popular non-laptop device connecting to Boingo’s Wi-Fi networks, displacing Android devices and more than doubling the daily number of visits for the previous second place device, despite its recent launch (April 3, 2010). “It’s stunning how quickly the iPad has established itself as a force in Wi-Fi,” said Dave […]

Court says FCC cannot stop Comcast from blocking Bittorrent

A federal appellate court in the DC Circuit has ruled that the FCC does not have the authority under the Communications Act of 1934 to stop Comcast from blocking the use of peer-to-peer applications by customers on its network. To view the court’s opinion in PDF format, please go to FCC v. Comcast. S. Derek […]

Indiana Dept of Transportation uses WiMAX for traffic management

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has deployed a wireless network for a statewide Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). This wireless network uses over 600 radios from Proxim, and connects traffic and video components over hundreds of square miles throughout the Northwest Indiana and Indianapolis areas, enabling the following traffic-related applications: Traffic Management – Residents of […]

Verizon LTE update: friendly trials this summer, real service late 2010, no “bricks”

LAS VEGAS, NEV. — CTIA — When it comes to LTE devices, Verizon says it won’t be shipping any big fat bricks. But that was about the only definitive thing company exec Tony Melone would say about Verizon’s Long Term Evolution market plans in a appearance here at CTIA Tuesday morning. Kicking off the Fierce Wireless […]

Sprint WiMAX phone is here and it looks fabulous

The potential game-changer for WiMAX networks has arrived, in a smartphone package that maximizes the potential of high-speed connectivity. Called the HTC Evo 4G, the expected offering from Sprint was formally announced here at CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas on Tuesday, in a splashy press conference with demonstrations that focused on the device’s numerous video capabilities, including […]