Wireless Mesh Network in Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base

Camp Pendleton, a large Marine Corps base in Southern California, has deployed a wireless mesh network for the base’s Energy Management Control Systems (EMCS) and Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI). The network is also used for monitoring wireless security cameras around water reservoirs. This is the first pilot smart multi-grid network for the Base Facilities Department […]

Skype sponsors free WiFi this weekend worldwide

The (sponsored) free Wi-Fi access did not go away after the Christmas holidays. Skype is sponsoring free Wi-Fi this weekend at 100,000 hotspots around the world. Skype is trying to publicize its recently launched Skype Access, a service that allows you to pay for Wi-Fi by the minute. Free Wi-Fi will be available at the […]

Skype Access: pay for WiFi conveniently via Skype

As a longtime Skype user, I was pleased to see that Skype now allows me to pay for Wi-Fi access in places that charge for Wi-Fi (such as airports) without going through the trouble of getting out the credit card, typing in the details, and authenticating via a cumbersome login screen. This is very handy […]

The FCC lets you find out just how lousy your broadband connection is

Broadband speed tests are nothing new to many readers of this site. Most of us probably use Speedtest.net. But the fact that the FCC has posted a broadband test tool profiled prominently on the Broadband.gov website, shows how politically sensitive broadband — its presence and absence, its cost and speed — has become. It’s getting to […]

Digital Cities and Why I Moved to Northern Ohio

This is part 2 of a series written by Marc Canter about digital cities and fiber optic networks. As the economic roller coaster ride over the past 20 years has taken us to new highs and lows, Cleveland and the Northern Ohio region have seen their economy flatline.  Once known as the home of innovation […]