Sergi Baulida on municipal wireless networks in Spain

The Cassa de la Selva project began with a series of questions: What can the municipal government of a small town (population: 1,000 to 15,000) do to ensure that its residents participate in an information society? What can it do to bridge the gap between Internet users and people who have never used computers? Should […]

Hermosa Beach loves Wi-Fi

You have probably read the MIT Technology Review article which presents a one-sided view of municipal wireless broadband projects. I posted my rebuttal to the article and invited people to send in their comments (Who pays for wireless cities?). I urge you to read the comments posted by people who are involved in planning and […]

Amsterdam gets citywide Wi-Fi

HotSpot Amsterdam is deploying a citywide wireless network in Amsterdam. The company website says there is coverage at the Rembrandtplein, a large square filled with bars and cafes (gets rowdy on weekends) and at the Singel (note: this is a long canal and it’s not clear where the wireless signal can be found). Click on […]

Spanish town deploys its own wireless network

Cassa de la Selva, a town of 8,000 residents in the province of Girona (Catalonia) in the north-east of Spain has deployed a municipal wireless broadband network that covers eight square kilometers (3 square miles). The installation of wireless nodes began in May 2003 and they now have 350 houses connected wirelessly to the Internet. […]

Municipal public safety conference notes

For those of you who missed the Wireless Internet and Municipal Public Safety Conference organized by the Wireless Internet Institute in San Mateo last June 29 and 30, I am posting my conference notes (by no means a complete diary of the conference). It is one of the best conferences I have attended because of […]