New dual-mode Wi-Fi phones from Italy

The Italian Pirelli Group is introducing a new series of dual-mode GSM-Wi-Fi handsets designed to enhance the utility businesses and end-users receive from metro wireless networks.Suddenly it seems as if a day can’t pass without us seeing announcements of new devices that enhance the utility of wireless metro networks. Today’s comes from the Italian Pirelli […]

Earthlink will market Wi-Fi phones

EarthLink announced it will market a Wi-Fi phone to enhance its service offerings in cities with metro Wi-Fi.EarthLink announced it will market a Wi-Fi phone to enhance its service offerings in cities with metro Wi-Fi. The company is presently beta-testing the phonein Anaheim and expects to make it available to consumers this summer. It will […]

Wi-Fi in Moscow subway and why we need Wi-Fi mobile phones

Wi-Fi in metro stations and on public transport always sounds cool. But think about this: if you were in a very crowded Moscow metro station, sharpening your elbows for a dash into the subway car, do you really have time to open your laptop and check Gmail?Moscow residents can now get Wi-Fi Internet access in […]

Problems accessing Portland metro Wi-Fi network reported

Portland, Oregon residents are having problems getting access to the wireless broadband network being deployed across the city. The problem: getting the wireless signal indoors. Mike Rogoway reports that residents cannot get a strong enough signal indoors. Many of them are surprised that they need to purchase a repeater to get Internet access. The article […]

MuniWireless adds utility to Wi-Fi phones

Opinion: Municipal networks are justifying the market for Wi-Fi phones–and vice versa.Wi-Fi phones may not be the hottest new have-to-have gadgets but municipal wireless networks are transforming them from novelties into serious products I would not have said that on my first go-around with the phones. I tried out a few last fall (the Belkin, […]