Fring lets you make free calls via Wi-Fi on your iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you can now make free VOIP calls over Wi-Fi, thanks to Fring, an application that has been available for devices such as Nokia’s Symbian phones. According to Fring, they are the first “native” mobile VOIP application for the iPhone. This is very handy for iPhone owners who are traveling abroad […]

Apple iPhone: the big elephant in the room at Mobile World Congress

I just came back from an exhausting three days at the Mobile World Congress (formerly 3GSM) in Barcelona, talking to mobile device manufacturers (specifically Nokia), MVNOs and applications developers. Several things struck me. First, at the Nokia press conference on Monday morning, February 11, after the CEO and one of the executives announced the new […]

MuniWireless 101: Technologies: Devices

One important driver for public broadband networks is the ability to support a broad range of mobile devices. Municipalities typically see two major benefits in catering to such activity. The first is to allow citizens to use their own mobile devices, either in hotspot areas or freely roaming around a city. The second is that […]

Arizona’s Pinal County pursues wireless cloud

The small cities and towns of Pinal County, Arizona, still stuck with only dialup access to the Internet, are working to create a wireless cloud to make broadband access available county-wide within two years. The key driver in Pinel County, as with most areas that still await broadband, is to spur economic development. According to […]

First look: Google “Android” mobile phone software

We’ve written quite a bit about the iPhone creating more demand for municipal broadband and city WiFi hot spots. Looking ahead, we’re starting to wonder if Google’s “Android” platform for mobile phones will create another wave of interest in mobile WiFi. Here’s a first look at Android, directly from Google We’ve written quite a bit […]