The status of fiber to the home deployments in Spain

The deployment of fiber to the home (FTTH) networks in Spain is quite disappointing due to the lack of investment in next generation networks (NGNs) by most network operators. The number of FTTH subscribers is limited because FTTH is just offered only by small operators or under field trial basis from national incumbents. The only widespread […]

ARCEP regulates fiber local loop to stimulate FTTH investment in France

Last week, Jean-Ludovic Silicani, the new president of ARCEP, held a press conference and announced several propositions to stimulate commercial investment in FTTH deployment in France. These propositions were put together after year of tense negotiations between ARCEP, the operators and local collectives. They will be issued for public consultation in July and are expected […]

Iliad-Free expects FTTH service to 70% of Paris by end of 2009

Iliad-Free, a large broadband provider in France, showed a 42 percent increase in Q1 2009 revenues compared to Q1 2008 (from €340 million to €482 million) and a net increase of 142,000 subscribers for its ADSL service (compare this number to Q1 2008 when it added 137,000 subscribers). Iliad-Free claims to have 4.34 million subscribers […]

Toronto Hydro sells telecom subsidiary for $200 million

Toronto Hydro, the public utility owned by the city of Toronto, has sold its telecom subsidiary, Toronto Hydro Telecom (THT), for $200 million to Cogeco Cable. Among the assets of THT are the municipal Wi-Fi network called OneZone and a 450-kilometer fiber optic network that connects 500 buldings in the city. The city plans to […]

Swedish firm makes a business out of net neutrality

Businessweek has an article about ViaEuropa, a Swedish company that manages the fiber networks of sixty Swedish cities, based on the open access model. The chairman of ViaEuropa is Jonas Birgersson, a flamboyant (by Swedish standards) entrepreneur, who in the late 1990s, started several companies including Bredbandbolaget (an Internet service provider) which he sold to […]