Tales from the Towers, Chapter 15: Thinking is Cheaper than Doing

I said we would figure out how to compete with cable and it’s time to put up or shut up. I’m not writing the entire business plan here and I’m going to leave some key pieces out to protect some of what I’m working on, but the basic concept is here and it’s solid. We […]

Tales from the Towers, Chapter 14: How to Make Money as a Wireless ISP

I have received calls from many people who want to start a wireless ISP (WISP) business, whether using a mesh/muni model or a point to multipoint (PTMP) system. Although I believe there is no better time than now, that doesn’t mean it’s easy, but I hope to prove that it’s financially feasible everywhere. Competing against […]

Tales From the Towers Chapter 13: Interference Is Not Just a Hockey Penalty

Unlicensed frequencies mean that interference is a way of life in most major cities. The question is what to do when all the frequencies you plan on using or even radios that are in operation start having errors. I just came from an installation like that. In addition, then I was asked to design an […]

Tales From the Towers, Chapter 12: My mom is making me clean my room

This is the twelfth chapter in a series by Rory Conaway called Tales From the Towers about deploying and managing large scale Wi-Fi networks. I have all these random thoughts hanging out there from the various articles so I thought it time to tidy them up before continuing on to some new ones. Let’s start […]

Tales from the Towers, Chapter 11: You Can’t Fit a Square Peg Into a Round Hole

My attention deficit disorder is going nuts so I’m going to veer off Triadland a little bit more.  We have defined a reference low-cost system and we clearly discussed the fact it’s definitely not the best system for a public safety mobile environment.  So I’m going to call this article the prequel.  How do we […]