How to get a grant from the NTIA in Round 2 of BTOP

MuniWireless has published a guide for people applying for broadband grants under Round 2 of the NTIA’s Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP). NTIA and RUS, the agencies running the BTOP and BIP programs respectively, revised their rules for round 2 based upon the experiences in round 1. People whose applications were rejected in round 1 […]

MuniWireless How To Get A Grant Guide 2.0 out next week

I am releasing version 2.0 of my How To Get A Grant Guide next week. Version 2.0 contains the new rules issued by the NTIA and RUS for people who want to apply for the second round of broadband stimulus funding, and some insights into what makes successful, sustainable broadband projects. NOTE TO VENDORS: There’s […]

2010: Guidelines for Successful Large Scale Outdoor Wi-Fi Networks

Novarum has just written an 8-page white paper titled “2010: Guidelines for Successful Large Scale Outdoor Wi-Fi Networks” which contains recommendations to service providers on what makes a successful large-scale outdoor Wi-Fi network today. These recommendations are based upon Novarum’s work between 2006 and 2009 testing over 175 wireless networks in 36 North American cities. […]

Why conference Wi-Fi sucks and how to improve it

I was inspired to do a long article about Wi-Fi at conferences by Joel Spolsky’s article Wi-Fi At Conferences where he asks why Wi-Fi works so poorly at tech conferences. Muniwireless has organized conferences in the past and I won’t say that the Wi-Fi at our events has ben the very best either (however, it was […]

Manual for starting a local wireless broadband network

Wally Bowen, executive director of the Mountain Area Information Network (MAIN) in Asheville, North Carolina, has written a primer on how to deploy a local wireless broadband network for people. Wally speaks from experience. MAIN is an ISP that serves hundreds of wireless subscribers spread out over four counties. In the primer, Bowen includes details […]