Tales from the Towers, Chapter 42: Frustration, Thy Name is Backhaul Tech Support

I should have called this article, “How I spent my Christmas vacation developing an ulcer” (from the abominable state of backhaul tech support). I know, I know, WISPs never really get a vacation.  I’m so paranoid about being out of touch that I took a satellite phone on a cruise and left the number with my […]

Advertising on MuniWireless: What Works

I am sending out the MuniWireless media kit for 2013 and many people ask the same question: What is the most effective way to advertise on MuniWireless? Here is a summary of what I have seen over the last 9 years. (1) Case studies are the most effective way for equipment vendors, service providers and […]

Tales from the Towers, Chapter 41: If I Had a Hammer

In this article, Rory Conaway writes about how wireless equipment manufacturers should be pushing the boundaries of technology, not just giving WISPs what WISPs think they need today. Doing so would lower dramatically the cost of deployment and allows WISPs to compete with wireline broadband providers. Every time a new product comes out, there is […]

Tales from the Towers, Chapter 40: It’s harder to fire a friend than a vendor

In this article, Rory Conaway reveals how viruses, malware and spyware dramatically reduce the speed of a broadband connection, causing clients to blame ISPs and make angry phone calls to tech support. He explains what ISPs can do to help clients remove viruses and malware, improve the relationship with the client and get referrals. At […]

Tales from the Towers, Chapter 39: WISPA exhaustion

Rory Conaway goes into more detail on how to make money as a wireless ISP and reports on the interesting things he saw at the most recent WISPALOOZA, the annual gathering of wireless ISPs, putting an end to the belief that what goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas. If you haven’t been to WISPAPALOOZA […]