Why is Google worried about Verizon?

Is Google worried that Verizon’s version of an “open network” isn’t quite what people think it will be? Techcrunch reports that Google is so worried that Verizon will find a loophole in the open network rules that it Google filed a petition with the FCC last week asking the FCC to preemptively enforce the rules […]

Media Access Project brings DC to Silicon Valley: May 12 and June 12

Media Access Project (www.mediaaccess.org) is putting together a series of conferences in Northern California to bring together public policy experts and tech industry leaders to draft policy recommendations for the next President of the United States. The first event is on May 12, 2008 and the second on June 12, 2008, both at the eBay […]

Texas bill restricts municipal broadband and more

Like an ill wind blowing across the country, the anti-municipal broadband forces are swirling around the Texas legislature, where a bill to restrict municipal broadband has been introduced. Read the text of the pending bill here. The author of the bill is Phil King. According to his bio, he is “the Chairman of Regulated Industries, […]