LTE at 50 Mbps? Don’t hold your breath

Even though Verizon CTO Dick Lynch tried to stay away from the download-speed numbers game when we spoke to him recently about the company’s plans for Long Term Evolution, you can’t hide from the mainstream tech media’s need for simple figures for long. So it’s not a surprise to see a whole bunch of people […]

Clearwire does not need your capital

I agree with Stacey: It gets tiring to read the somewhat endless parade of reports claiming dire straits for Clearwire, and how its inability to raise capital will somehow slow its market deployment and therefore kill its nationwide third-pipe dreams. To which I say: What if Clearwire doesn’t need to raise more money right now? […]

France offers fourth 3G license for €206 million

Last week as the French National Assembly debated the allocation of wireless spectrum to expand the mobile telephony market, Luc Chatel, Secretary of State for industry and consumers told legislators that the entry of a fourth cellular operator will boost the mobile market in France. The debate has been roiling the French telecom industry ever […]

Verizon: LTE vendors need to deliver in 2009

On the eve of announcing the list of vendors Verizon will use in building out its Long Term Evolution (LTE) fourth-generation wireless network, Verizon CTO Richard Lynch let it be known Monday that the big telco wasn’t going to let its suppliers slow down its aggressive deployment plans. In a keynote speech at the Silicon […]

Alcatel-Lucent refocuses WiMAX business to support LTE

Several days ago Ben Verwaayen who has been Alcatel-Lucent’s CEO for 6 months now since Pat Russo’s resignation, presented its fourth quarter and year-end results (for 2008) in a press conference in Paris. Still losing money for the eighth consecutive quarter, the losses for the year ending 2008 was boosted by a huge write-off of […]