Madrid plans 100 Mbps FTTH network

Madrid, Spain is planning to deploy a FTTH network in the metropolitan area, which they plan to finish by 2016. The cost of the deployment is 4 Billion Euros. The city will work with telecommunications operators to roll out the network which will provide up to 100 Mbps symmetrical speeds to residents. To encourage the […]

WiMAX operators hit by economic downturn

Consulting firm Maravedis reports that at the end of Q3 2008, the number of WiMAX subscribers around the world rose to 2.68 million, “a more modest 13% growth over the first quarter and a 91% increase over Q3 2007.” Maravedis analysts say that the pace of growth is slowing down and WiMAX operators are finding […]

Is Verizon waiting to spend on LTE?

In listening to a replay of Tuesday’s Verizon/Verizon Wireless year-end earnings conference call, I did hear some more optimism from company execs about launching “commercial” deployments of Long Term Evolution services by the second half of 2010 — not as aggressive as once thought, but still well ahead of stated LTE plans from other big […]

3G netbooks, iPhone modems and Wayport: WiMAX has more to worry about than LTE

When searching for a competitive threat to Sprint and Clearwire’s WiMax services, most observers end up looking at Long Term Evolution (LTE), the next-generation cellular technology publicly favored by AT&T and Verizon. But as recent news has shown, the big telcos aren’t waiting for LTE to start heating up the competition. Instead, they’re pushing harder […]

Commentary: what does telecom have to do with the Internet anyway?

Putting so much effort into issues like Network Neutrality and broadband deployment diverts us from recognizing that the Internet has nothing to do with telecom except insofar as we let telecom control our connectivity. The entire telecom industry is just another application like the web, but we give it too much power over us. In trying […]