EU data roaming price caps save business people 1000 EUR per year

Here’s some good news to balance the bad news coming out of Europe. Starting 1 July 2012, the EU’s data roaming price caps enter into effect, saving business people (traveling within the EU) approximately 1000 EUR per year. Families on holiday can expect to save 200 EUR. The EU estimates that the improved EU roaming regulation […]

Are Europe’s mobile operators retreating to their homelands?

When the EU member states opened up their respective telecom markets to competition, they hoped that mobile operators would cross borders, invest and compete outside their home countries. That happened in the 1990s when companies such as T-Mobile (a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom) and Orange (a subsidiary of France Telecom) began offering cellular service in […]

EU lowers roaming charges in time for the summer holidays

This summer, mobile phone subscribers in the European Union will enjoy even lower roaming charges as they converge on the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean, thanks to the relentless war waged by the EU on mobile carriers. Here are the maximum rates that people will pay starting 1 July 2012 when they use their cell […]

French mobile operator offers 15 EUR per month unlimited voice, SMS and data

The fourth French mobile operator, Free (which belongs to Iliad), will begin offering very cheap mobile voice and data plans this month. A “no contract” plan with unlimited test messages, MMS and data will cost 20 EUR per month (note: there is a cap of 3 Gigabytes for 3G data usage so it’s not really […]

The end of voice as a cash cow

On 25 October 2011, Bloomberg reported that the 3rd quarter profits of Dutch telco incumbent KPN “fell 9.4 percent because of price reductions and increasing use of mobile and social-media applications cut into voice revenue.” KPN announced that it will be increasing the prices it charges customers for mobile data use because more people are […]