More Wi-Fi in trains, this time in Australia

Wi-Fi on public transport is such a hot topic these days and there isn’t a railway operator in the world that is not deploying or actively looking into installing Wi-Fi on their trains. Now, Railcorp, a state-owned enterprise in Australia that runs the passenger rail service covering Sydney, its suburbs, the Central Coast, Hunter, the […]

Picocela deploys large mesh Wi-Fi hotzone in Fukuoka, Japan

Kyushu University and PicoCELA Inc., both based in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, have developed and put into use technology to build a wide-area wireless LAN at a dramatically reduced cost. The newly developed wireless multihop backhaul connects multiple wireless LAN access points to make them work with one another as a single radio network, cutting back […]

Ruckus Wireless launches Wi-Fi end-to-end solution for service providers

Ruckus Wireless is launching an end-to-end managed, wireless broadband access (WBA) solution for service providers. It allows them to deploy relatively cost-effective large scale Wi-Fi networks, especially in multi-user dwellings in densely populated cities. The “end to end” means backhaul, access points and customer premises equipment (CPE). So instead of cobbling together WiMAX backhaul from […]

Travels with an iPod Touch: Free WiFi experience in Asia

I just got back from a holiday in Bali. One of the most significant observations on this trip: many major airports in Asia have fast, free WiFi. Better yet, they don’t make you go through annoying login screens. On this trip, I took only my iPod Touch. This is the first time I have traveled […]

HTC forges deal with China Mobile for TD handsets, but ZTE set to remain on top in 3G handset market

This week, Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC signed a deal with China Mobile to supply TD-SCDMA handsets for the leading Chinese carrier, according to More precisely, HTC will supply one TD-SCDMA device this year and five next year. Both companies also agreed to collaborate together on future deployments (e.g. TD-LTE handsets, market research). Of note, China […]