Unbundling of broadband access still growing in France

ARCEP, the French regulator (equivalent to the FCC in the US) released a report which revealed that the number of fixed broadband access lines reached 16.7 million households in the country, up 18% from last year. In the last quarter, only 450,000 new subscribers were registered: “This confirms a slight slowdown in growth since the […]

Survey shows significant price drop for cellular calls in Europe

The European Regulator Group (ERG), an organization that brings together the 34 national regulators of the European Union, recently published its second report on wholesale and retail charges for cellular communications in Europe. The ERG acts as a central point for collecting data from each country’s telecom regulator. This report gives a clearer picture of […]

One quarter of Dutch iPhone users under 25 years old

T-Mobile has released interesting statistics on the iPhone’s usage in the Netherlands since the launch of the 3G version six weeks ago: 49% of iPhone customers are between 25-49 years old, 26% are between 18-24. More men than women have purchased the phone. The average data use in the first 5 days after the launch […]

DSL, VoIP drive growth of IP communications in France

ARCEP, the French regulator, released the results of its quarterly survey on the electronic communications services market in France for Q1 2008.  In the first quarter of 2008, fixed and mobile telephony services in France accounted for 54.2 billion traffic minutes, up 4% from the same period last year. They generated a total revenue of […]

The mid-year report on Telefonica, Orange and BT

Last week, three European incumbents – Orange, British Telecom and Telefonica – released their mid-year results, delivering some news to reassure investors already reeling from the economic downturn.  The numbers show that the telecom market is moving at its usual steady pace, as if nothing adverse were happening in the financial markets. In addition to […]