Icomera acquires Moovera Networks, extends product line for public transport Wi-Fi

Icomera AB is acquiring Moovera Networks, a UK company that sells wireless access points used by buses, trains and ferries to deliver Wi-Fi service to passengers. The deal makes a lot of sense because Icomera installs wireless networks in public transport for Wi-Fi access, CCTV, vehicle tracking or streaming entertainment and both companies go after […]

Europe leads global Wi-Fi hotspot growth; free Wi-Fi model gaining ground

ABI Research expects the number of Wi-Fi hotspots around the world to grow by 40% in 2008 (over 2007) with the largest increase taking place in Europe, notably the UK, France, Germany and Russia. In addition, the decision of Starbucks to offer free Wi-Fi access is making other venues think twice about charging for Wi-Fi […]

Where to find WiMAX service in Germany: Televersa rolls out network in Bavaria

Televersa Online, a German telecommunications operator, will soon offer WiMAX service throughout Bavaria in Germany. The network will cover 20,000 square kilometers and serve 2.5 million people. Most of the region that Televersa serves is rural, making fixed WiMAX service a good alternative to wired DSL or cable (which is not available anyway in many […]

T-Mobile gets into summer holiday spirit with lower data roaming charges

Last week I complained about T-Mobile’s not-so-unlimited, “flat-rate” data plans for iPhone users in Europe: the nasty roaming charges, the unnecessary extra fees for using T-Mobile’s own networks in other countries. Today, T-Mobile UK announced that it would be slashing European data roaming charges by 80 percent starting in August 2008, just in time for […]

Hotspot Hamburg: Germany’s biggest non-commercial WLAN project

What could be more appealing to Wi-Fi freaks in Hamburg than free wireless Internet access on the banks of the lovely Alster or in a variety of cafes and restaurants including the Alster Pavilion Alex and the Sushi Factory Bar? What could be more appealing to Wi-Fi freaks in Hamburg than free wireless Internet access […]