Los Angeles, NYC benefit from $29 million in broadband grants

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke today announced two American Recovery and Reinvestment Act investments to help bridge the technological divide, improve education, and increase economic opportunities for low-income families in New York, New York and Los Angeles, California. The grants, totaling more than $29 million, will fund computer training and provide more than 30,000 computers […]

NYT op-ed: FCC broadband plan fails to address competition

As I was saying last week, I do not believe the FCC’s National Broadband Plan will bring affordable high-speed broadband to Americans unless it focuses on creating robust competition in the market for broadband services. This means forcing incumbents to open their networks to competitors. Professor Yochai Benkler (co-director of the Berkman Center for Internet […]

Harold Feld on the National Broadband Plan: what we got, did not get

Harold Feld has written an article analyzing the FCC’s National Broadband Plan. Since he managed to get through the entire piece (unlike me), his take on the Plan is worth reading, especially because he disagrees with me on the issue of incumbent influence. We do agree on one critical factor: he and I are appalled […]

FCC releases National Broadband Plan

The FCC has unveiled the National Broadband Plan whose goal is to ensure every American has access to broadband. The plan addresses broadband competition, reallocating spectrum for mobile broadband, reforming universal service regulations and nudging public schools, health care providers and government agencies to make maximum use of broadband. You can download the National Broadband […]

The FCC lets you find out just how lousy your broadband connection is

Broadband speed tests are nothing new to many readers of this site. Most of us probably use Speedtest.net. But the fact that the FCC has posted a broadband test tool profiled prominently on the Broadband.gov website, shows how politically sensitive broadband — its presence and absence, its cost and speed — has become. It’s getting to […]