Clearwire now offering WiMAX in Atlanta

Talk about your soft launch — nothing says the genteel South like starting to sell WiMax services without so much as a by-your-leave. Looks like our pals over at saw what we discovered surfing around the site — Clearwire has added coverage maps for Atlanta, much of which it labels as “now serving.” […]

Brussels rolls out free citywide Wi-Fi trial

The city of Brussels is slowly rolling out free citywide Wi-Fi service (in a testing phase) with the help of outdoor advertising firms, JC Decaux and Clearchannel. The city is installing Wi-Fi access points on electronic billboards. The service is free of charge but will be limited in bandwidth as the city has no plan […]

Berlin plans free citywide Wi-Fi

Berlin, Germany has very ambitious plans to provide free Wi-Fi access throughout the city, starting with a pilot project around the city’s main streets, Unter den Linden, Friedrichstrasse, Kurfürstendamm and Tauentzienstrasse. If the city is pleased with the results (and Deutsche Telekom doesn’t get in the way, which is what all the European telecom incumbents […]

Fribourg, Switzerland offers free Wi-Fi in schools, hospitals and government offices

The canton of Fribourg, Switzerland is providing free Wi-Fi service to visitors in government offices, schools and hospitals in its capital, Fribourg. The canton will roll out free Wi-Fi to the other 168 municipalities in its jurisdiction in the coming months. I am not surprised to see more local governments and enterprises offering free “guest” […]

Copenhagen to get free WiFi

Fifty-two Danish communities, including Copenhagen, will be getting free citywide WiFi service next year. Gratis Danmark, the project manager, is also working to get free WiFi in bus and train stations. Part of the costs of maintaining the network will come from advertising (we’ve seen this model before). Danish trains run by Arriva already provide […]