2006 State of the Market Report

The 2006 MuniWireless State of the Market Report is available now. See below for the data points captured in the report. Market Overview The state of the U.S. market’s size and growth potential from 2005 through 2008 Factors driving the market’s growth, and issues that could inhibit its progress Municipalities that are leading the way […]

San Francisco’s Fiber-to-the-Premises Study Released

The city of San Francisco has released its long-awaited Fiber-To-The-Premises (FTTP) feasibility study, estimating buildout costs of over a half billion dollars. After a long and enlightening conversation with Joanne Hovis, president of study author CTC, we have a few initial insights to report. For those of you new to the story, San Francisco’s supervisors […]

Reminder: December 2006 list of US wireless cities and counties

You can download my December 2006 list of US cities and counties that are deploying wide-area wireless broadband networks. The list is in PDF format. If you want to cite to the data in this list for your publication, please give Muniwireless.com credit in your article. I posted the original article with tables here. Download […]

Only 10% of mobile users in Europe use mobile Internet

Research and Markets says in a recent report that only 10% of mobile users in Europe who have access to mobile Internet actually use it. The summary says in part: Operators nevertheless face a number of challenges – while gaming, video and music portals are concepts which have been transferred into the mobile arena, and […]

PBS offers “Guide to the Digital Divide”

Mark Glaser, the journalist behind the Media Shift reports on PBS, offers an interesting look at the digital divide this week. In it he makes a compelling case for addressing the digital divide and delineates its many iterations: There are many digital divides: Rural and urban; poor and rich, African-American and white; old and young; […]