21 Oct 2010 tidbits: iPhone demand beats expectations; emerging markets broadband: quality not quantity

Two interesting posts today: (1) From the Financial Times: A study conducted by Oxford University and the University of Oviedo (together with Cisco) reveals that broadband in developing countries like Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania have faster upload and download speeds than broadband in developed countries like the UK and Germany […]

iPass mobile workforce report on mobility and productivity

iPass has published a report on 5 categories of mobile workers and how mobility enables their productivity. This edition of the iPass Mobile Workforce Report reveals the behaviors of mobile employees and identifies common characteristics to segment users into five categories (mobile minimalists, mobile minority, mobile majority, mobile masters, and mobile maniacs) by asking what technologies […]

Top 10 handsets in Asia: Nokia dominates, but iPhone is a status symbol

From TelecomAsia, the top 10 handsets in Asia as of July 2010 show Nokia’s dominance. 1. Nokia 1202 2. Nokia 2700 Classic 3. Samsung GT-E1080C 4. Nokia 5230 5. Nokia 1208 6. Nokia 5310 XpressMusic 7. Nokia 1682 Classic 8. Nokai E63 9. Samsung SCH-B 309 10. Nokai 1616 (Countries included in the survey are […]

Android phones outsell iPhones worldwide

Worldwide sales of phones that use the Google Android operating system have outstripped sales of the iPhone, according to the Gartner Group. The data include only a week’s worth of iPhone 4 sales because the iPhone 4 was released only in the last week of June 2010. I am curious to see how the figures […]

Need a Clearwire update? Order our new report

Given the signal-to-noise ratio of the wireless industry in the U.S. these days, it’s understandable if busy professionals find it hard to keep details straight for every provider, especially new entrants to the marketplace like nascent national WiMAX provider Clearwire. To help you keep current with all things Clearwire, we offer our latest business-overview report, […]