How to get a grant under NTIA and RUS: guide available for download

The Muniwireless How to Get a Grant Guide: Part 1 is now available for download. The guide summarizes the key features of the recently released NTIA and RUS rules for projects seeking funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009  and provides guidance to those who are thinking of applying for a grant. […]

Measuring the economic benefits of broadband: a few studies

I receive emails from time to time asking if I know of studies that show the economic benefits of broadband. I know I’ve read some of them but I can never remember any one in particular. Today I came across a site that lists a few studies done in Europe, Asia and the US. For […]

WiMax report excerpt: The WiMax TCO advantage

After reading earlier this week about DigitalBridge’s launch of Mobile WiMax services in Jackson Hole, Wyo., we decided it’s a good time to give blog readers a taste of our Sidecut Report on WiMax, focusing on what service providers like DigitialBridge see as a total cost of operation, or TCO, advantage that WiMax gives them. […]

Snapshot Report: Making the Case for AMI and ROI

From Nortel Case Study:Published 2007 Summary: This report examines an oft-touted application that financially justifies a number of muni wireless initiatives, advanced meter infrastructure – AMI. You are probably familiar with the more commonly used term, AMR – automated meter reading. AMR is used a lot to describe anything related to reading a meter without […]

Case Study: Alberta Special Areas (Nortel)

From Nortel Case Study: Published 2007 Summary: The Special Areas Board* is a unique rural municipal area covering approximately 5 million acres in southeastern Alberta. The Special Areas Board is responsible for the administration of the area as it relates to providing all municipal services as well as the leasing of public lands within the […]