New Tropos 1410 Delivers Secure Field Area Networks for Smart Grid and Other Industrial Applications

Tropos Networks has announced the Tropos 1410 wireless mesh router and wireless bridge for field automation applications. The new product line extends advanced enterprise-class security to utility and industrial applications that monitor and control field automation devices. Furthermore, it provides communications for these applications for as little as half the cost of competitive proprietary, low-speed wireless […]

Victorville deploys wireless mesh network for SCADA system upgrade

Victorville Water District (California) has upgraded their SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system and installed Firetide’s HotPort® wireless mesh network for communications between various sites. At present there are 15 sites and the district plans to add 45 more sites. The sites include various wells, booster pump stations, storage tanks, and treatment plants which are now […]

Fort Collins, Colorado selects Tropos for smart grid project

The City of Fort Collins Utilities has selected Tropos GridCom as the communications infrastructure for its Advanced Meter Project AMI data backhaul and future aggregation of smart grid applications across the utilities’ service territory. “A crucial element in our Advanced Meter Project is a highly reliable broadband communications infrastructure,” said Steve Catanach, Light and Power Manager […]

Wednesday afternoon reads: largest smart grid projects, Verizon unleashed

For your reading pleasure this Wednesday 7 September 2011: How carriers hamstring your smartphone: team at the University of Michigan and Microsoft Research has uncovered, for the first time, the frequently suboptimal network practices of more than 100 cellular carriers. Here’s the paper entitled An Untold Story of Middle Boxes in Cellular Networks. Ten largest US […]

UK issues public tender for smart grid communications network

The Department of Energy and Climate Change of the United Kingdom has issued a public tender (request for proposals or RFP) for a company (or companies) to provide communications services to connect smart electricity and gas meters in up to 30 million households and businesses in the UK. These services will consist of wide area […]