iPhone 4 does video calls, HD video recording, and more

Apple released the eagerly awaited iPhone 4 today at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. The new iPhone is much thinner, has a 960-by-640 backlit LCD with pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, the highest-resolution phone screen. It is truly a beautiful device. The new applications that Apple demonstrated today are Facetime, their video […]

AT&T new wireless data plans impose data caps

Something tells me the iPhone is about to get another carrier other than AT&T to offer it in the US. Two things have happened lately: AT&T nearly doubled the early termination fee from $175 to $325 last month and today they announced no more unlimited data plans. Starting June 7, new subscribers to AT&T will […]

Samsung Wi-Fi cameras come bundled with Boingo hotspot service

Samsung’s new Wi-Fi enabled digital cameras will come pre-loaded with Boingo software to allow Boingo users to connect automatically to Boingo hotspots around the world. Initially, Boingo software will be pre-installed on the Samsung ST550/CL80 digital camera, and users will be offered three months of complimentary Boingo Wi-Fi access (go to www.boingo.com/samsung to register). Support for […]

Travelers reluctant to pay for in-flight Wi-Fi

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article from a year ago about Wi-Fi on flights in the US. It’s a good time to revisit this article given that more and more airlines are installing Wi-Fi. According to the article, when airlines charge for Wi-Fi, even if the charge is just $1, the number of users […]

Warning about SFR’s ridiculous prepaid service

Occasionally I post comments that expose the abysmal experiences of people who buy telecommunications services. This week’s comment comes from Fuming SFR  Customer: “My experiences with the SFR prepaid internet have been atrocious. First, other countries in Europe offer prepaid internet based on data usage – not time connected, which makes a lot more sense. […]