Iliad-Free gets fourth mobile license in France, plans innovative pricing and services

Last Friday in Paris, the French regulator ARCEP held a press conference to announce that Iliad-Free will be the new mobile operator in France. It has taken five years for the French government to bring a fourth operator market because of strong opposition from the other incumbents, France Télécom-Orange,  SFR and Bouygues.  ARCEP had no […]

Hesse: Sprint to subsidize WiMAX devices

You had to look hard through the Sprint earnings call info to find any information on WiMAX services being offered by the company, but we did find a few nuggets worth highlighting here. One that sort of jumped out of the transcript of the call (thanks, Seeking Alpha!) was Sprint CEO Dan Hesse’s pledge to […]

The coming 3G network Armageddon

In the coming months, many of you who have experienced frequent 3G network blackouts should expect more, but not just from AT&T but from other operators as well. iPhone applications are bandwidth hungry and the recent uprising over the Slingplayer iPhone application not being able to use 3G (only Wi-Fi) is just a prelude to […]

SFR launches prepaid mobile Internet access

If, like me, you hate long-term mobile phone subscriptions, you will be pleased to hear that a French mobile operator, SFR (a subsidiary of Vivendi), is allowing customers to purchase data plans on a prepaid basis. If you live in France, you do not have to sign up for one- or two-year contracts. SFR has […]

Nokia cancels N810 WiMAX Tablet

This belongs to the “you’ve got to be kidding me” news of the day. Nokia announced that it is stopping production of its wildly popular N810 WiMAX Tablet, stating that “[t]he Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition has reached the expected end of its life cycle.” Bizarre for two reasons. First, nomadic / WiMAX networks are finally […]