Municipal applications coming to Apple’s iPhone

The iPhone isn’t a business device. The iPhone isn’t for government applications. Hogwash. Apple has finally announced a software development kit for the iPhone. The move paves the way for the iPhone to increasingly support mobile business and government applications. And big mesh providers such as Cisco Systems will surely jump on the iPhone bandwagon. […]

New York state issues access management guidelines

The New York State CIO Council has issued a best practice guideline for managing online access to state and municipal transactions and applications. Called The NYS Trust Model, it governs the use, management, and protection of the identity credentials of state and local officials, as well as citizens on the networks. According to a news […]

Will WiMAX lead to universal client devices?

Cellular operators are beginning to move forward with the deployment of large-scale mobile WiMAX systems. For example, Sprint Nextel has been announcing their deployment of WiMAX networks throughout the U.S. Will moves such as this by the cellular operators lead to a universal mobile WiMAX device? A problem is that WiMAX consists of multiple incompatible […]

Will Sprint Nextel Mobile WiMAX Limit Choice of Client Devices?

Sprint Nextel is certainly taking a stab at deploying WiMAX throughout most major cities within the U.S. For example, Sprint Nextel recently announced that Chicago and Washington D.C. will have WiMAX coverage by the end of 2007. That seems like a fairly aggressive schedule to me, but at least they’re making a worthy attempt at […]

Review of Nokia N80 mobile phone (with Wi-Fi)

I just posted a review of the Nokia N80 mobile phone (Internet edition) on my other blog, You can find the review at The best uses for the phone right now: you can call for free or inexpensively using Gizmo Project (a Skype-like application) and read emails on the beautiful screen, all via […]