French mobile operator offers 15 EUR per month unlimited voice, SMS and data

The fourth French mobile operator, Free (which belongs to Iliad), will begin offering very cheap mobile voice and data plans this month. A “no contract” plan with unlimited test messages, MMS and data will cost 20 EUR per month (note: there is a cap of 3 Gigabytes for 3G data usage so it’s not really […]

Smartphones and tablets to drive 350% increase in Wi-Fi hotspots by 2015

The Wireless Broadband Alliance has published a report on the state of the global public Wi-Fi hotspot market compiled by analyst firm Informa. It includes a comprehensive survey of 259 service providers and Wi-Fi vendors. The report reveals that global public Wi-Fi hotspot numbers are set to grow from 1.3 million in 2011, to 5.8 […]

Verizon doubles amount of downloadable data: weak sales?

With news leaking out today about Verizon Wireless’s apparent decision to double the amount of downloadable data it allows customers on its 4G LTE network, the question of why is one of two choices: Either Verizon’s confident that its network is strong, or it’s panicking a bit because of slow 4G sales. The answer? Your guess is […]

Why hotel WiFi is being crushed by iPads and what to do about it

Today’s story in the New York Times by Joe Sharkey (about how iPads are changing the economics of hotel Wi-Fi) may be news to many, but to me, its not. The crushing of WiFi networks by the influx of iPads and smartphones being used by travelers, road warriors and meeting/conference attendees at hotels is nothing new. Back […]

Will Apple finish Steve Jobs’ telco revolution?

Like everyone else across the tech universe, I am saddened by the untimely passing of Apple chairman Steve Jobs. My concern for Apple is whether or not there is the brainpower, will and chutzpah in Cupertino to finish the revolution Jobs led with the iPhone — the complete destruction of the cellular telephone industry as […]