Strix: No Wires — Not Even to the APs

Using a mesh network, Strix Systems says its Access/One Network is the first truly wireless LAN because it eschews the need for any Ethernet-based backhaul to the wired side of the network. And it supports all the WLAN types (802.11a/b/g) — even Bluetooth. [] Using a mesh network, Strix Systems says its Access/One Network is […]

Small cities become wireless ISPs

In an excellent three-part series published in 2002 on, Gerry Blackwell writes “[a]ll across America, municipal and county governments are waking up to the hard economic truth of the digital divide—and deciding to do something about it. They fear that if they do nothing, their communities will be left behind.” Mr. Blackwell argues that […]

Paris – one giant Wi-fi hotspot?

According to the International Herald Tribune, a dozen Wi-Fi antennas have been set up outside a few of the city’s metro stations providing wireless access to the Internet to anyone with a laptop or Wi-Fi enabled PDA who happens to be close enough to receive the signals. The service is free until June 30. Cap […]

Popularity of Wi-Fi in cities and towns

Earlier this year, CNET published a report on the popularity of Wi-Fi hotspots in cities such as Athens (Georgia), Long Beach (California) and Ashland (Oregon). The Athens project, which is a public-private partnership that involves the county government, the University of Georgia, and local businesses, involves the creation of a “hotzone” similar to that in […]

Public Wi-Fi access business will be a bust

In a report released on June 19, 2003, Forrester states that the money being invested in public access Wi-Fi in Europe by companies seeking to profit from the uptake of wireless networking is largely wasted. Forrester claims that there just won’t be enough people who will carry Wi-Fi enabled devices to make these investments pay […]