Does AT&T really have the spectrum it needs?

Reading through the very positive story in Telephony about how AT&T is “doubling” its network capacity, and wondering where reporter Kevin Fitchard — usually pretty solid in things telecom — gets the numbers to back up his assertation that AT&T “has reams of cellular and PCS spectrum” that it could throw at digital data should […]

Quick test of the Sprint 3G/4G USB device

One reason I was looking forward to last week’s trip to Vegas for CTIA was to see if my newest connectivity plaything — a U300 WiMax/3G USB dongle on loan from Sprint — would actually discover and hook up to the still-being-built Clearwire network in Sin City. If you were following this blog, you know […]

Time for Clearwire and Skype to work together?

Since we’re knee-deep in new report creation mode here, this post isn’t going to be too long. But some news nuggets from different parts of the communications world got me to thinking… is it time for Skype and WiMax to do the peanut butter-n-chocolate thing? One on hand, you’ve got Clearwire experimenting with VoIP handsets […]

Clearwire recap: Services, devices and a new CEO

Before Clearwire Corp.’s (NASDAQ: CLWR) first quarterly conference call as a fully merged entity on March 5, we asked some questions about what the company might reveal. So how did Clearwire do in answering them? Let’s go to the scorecard! We asked: Where else will Clearwire launch services, and when? Clearwire answered: Lots of places, […]

Friday’s wireless headlines

News and info from the wireless world this week: AT&T’s Wi-Fi Plans: A long look at what Ma Bell plans to do with its Wayport purchase. Is Clearwire’s Stock a Bargain? This analyst thinks so, saying that if you break down the value of the parts you get a total much higher than the current […]