Craig Mathias: WiMAX is dead

We all had a feeling this was true but Craig Mathias states it unequivocally in his article, WiMAX is Dead: “Clearwire’s recent (and completely unsurprising) announcement that the firm is going with LTE is the final nail in mobile WiMAX’s coffin. I have not been as vocal over the years on this topic as I should I have […]

Sprint launches 4G enterprise WAN solution: read Sidecut White Paper

Moving on beyond the world of just powering smartphones, Sprint today took the wraps off a project bound to be of interest to many business users small and large — a fixed-wireless broadband solution Sprint is calling the 4G Enterprise WAN offering. We are not exactly disinterested observers this time around, since Sidecut Reports has written a […]

Hernando County, Florida issues RFP for WiMAX or LTE network

Hernando County, Florida issued a Requests for Proposals seeking a vendor to provide wireless broadband service based on WiMAX or LTE to the county. The county has a contract with Brighthouse for cable and fiber service. The deadline for submitting responses is 8 July 2011 at 5:00 pm EST. You can view and download the […]

World’s First 4G Mass Transit Deployment Launches in Silicon Valley

Xentrans, a consultancy for connectivity on mass transit and public safety vehicles, has announced the launch of an all-4G wireless communications system by the Santa Clara Transportation Authority (VTA) for light rail trains and buses in Silicon Valley, California. The deployment is the world’s first to exclusively use a 4G cellular network for delivering high-speed […]

Nevada ISP uses microwave backhaul to expand operations, improve service

Arizona Nevada Tower Corporation (ANTC), an ISP and network service provider headquartered in Las Vegas, has deployed Exalt microwave backhaul systems to expand its operations by providing carrier grade backhaul service and wireless broadband Internet access to select rural communities in the Southwest. The company currently uses Exalt licensed and license-exempt systems in its network […]