Houston moves city services to municipal wireless network based on WiMAX

The city of Houston (Texas) has purchased WiMAX equipment from Alvarion as part of its move to use wireless technology for more city services: remote control of 2500 traffic signals and 1500 school zone flashers; connecting the city’s mobile automated meter reading (AMR) system to the WiMAX network to monitor 500,000 water meters; replacing expensive […]

Clearwire’s 2011 Outlook: Wholesale Focus, Retail Continues, Looks for Profit in 2012

On a year-end financial conference call that left most of the big questions surrounding its business unanswered, nascent national WiMAX provider Clearwire Thursday nevertheless retained a bullish outlook on its ongoing operations, even predicting the possibility of becoming profitable as early as 2012. While denying rumors that it would close down or cease its retail […]

The Rise and Fall of Clearwire

With no inside knowledge, we are still expecting that Thursday’s scheduled Q4/2010 yearly earnings call from nascent national WiMAX provider Clearwire will yield some solid news about the company’s path forward, including a full explanation of the rumors that say Clearwire will ditch retail operations and focus on being a wholesale provider to partners like […]

US National Broadband Map released, shows only 5-10 percent lack broadband

The Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) today unveiled the National Broadband Map — the first public, searchable nationwide map of broadband Internet availability — and the results of a new nationwide survey on broadband adoption. Some of the survey’s results are quite positive: 5 – 10 percent of Americans lack access […]

The real problem with Clearwire’s networks

Ken Biba has sent a few comments about why Clearwire is failing and points out the flaws in their network. Ken’s firm, Novarum, has tested 3G, WiMAX and Wi-Fi networks. He says: In driving and measuring a number of ClearWire cities, it is VERY obvious that the cell site density is much lower than required […]