WiMAX vendor Soma scores $51 M in financing

Too late to call the company for more info, but we did want to note that San Francisco WiMax gear vendor Soma Networks announced Friday that it had secured a new $51 million round of financing, from investors including Daiwa Securities Group, Ridgeway Capital Partners and others. Soma, whose executives we interviewed as part of […]

WiMAX interview: Clearwire CEO Ben Wolff

Even though he’s busy managing day-to-day operations for the “old” Clearwire as he also works on integration issues for the “new” Clearwire and its planned nationwide WiMax network, Clearwire CEO Ben Wolff still found time to talk to Sidecut Reports for a mid-summer update this week. In this edited transcript of our phone interview, Wolff […]

WiMAX update: Waiting for Intel silicon; Xohm looks to Sept. launch

It was sort of a perfect storm of WiMax information Monday, as an Intel Centrino2 briefing followed our personal interview with Clearwire CEO Ben Wolff, the latter for an update on the progress of the new Clearwire national WiMax network. While it will take a day or two for us to process all the info […]

WiMax report excerpt: The WiMax TCO advantage

After reading earlier this week about DigitalBridge’s launch of Mobile WiMax services in Jackson Hole, Wyo., we decided it’s a good time to give blog readers a taste of our Sidecut Report on WiMax, focusing on what service providers like DigitialBridge see as a total cost of operation, or TCO, advantage that WiMax gives them. […]

Clearwire is the largest wireless broadband provider in the world

Who would have guessed? Clearwire is the biggest wireless broadband provider (ranked according to number of subscribers). Telephony Online says: “Clearwire’s 443,000 subscribers give it almost one quarter of all individual broadband wireless connections in the first quarter and more than double the number of total mobile WiMAX subscribers.” Clearwire will be launching its WiMAX […]