Alvarion connects 90 cities in Brazil

Alvarion announced that its equipment is being installed in large WiMAX networks in 90 Brazilian cities. Leading the charge is the city of Feira De Santana which was recently named the best digital city deployment by Prêmio Anuário TI & Governo 2009. The network in Feira De Santana connects 300,000 residents wirelessly and provides public […]

Sprint WiMAX phone is here and it looks fabulous

The potential game-changer for WiMAX networks has arrived, in a smartphone package that maximizes the potential of high-speed connectivity. Called the HTC Evo 4G, the expected offering from Sprint was formally announced here at CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas on Tuesday, in a splashy press conference with demonstrations that focused on the device’s numerous video capabilities, including […]

Round 1 broadband stimulus grant rejected? Contact us for Round 2 application

If your BTOP or BIP broadband stimulus grant application was rejected in Round 1, contact us now for help in getting your Round 2 application done. I’ve been getting a number of calls and emails from people who are in a panic, and I have helped them get up to speed with their Round 2 […]

Clearwire’s Big Q4: 87,000 New 4G Subscribers Added

The Q4 2009 numbers are in and they are good for Clearwire: According to its press release, Clearwire added 87,000 net new subscribers during the fourth quarter of 2009, meeting the company’s predicted goal of adding more new users in the last 90 days than during the entire previous three quarters of 2009. Clearwire also […]

NTIA announces more broadband stimulus grant recipients

The NTIA has made more announcements today concerning grant recipients in California, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. The ten grants, totaling $357 million, will bring high-speed Internet access to millions of households and businesses, and link up thousands of schools, hospitals, libraries and public safety offices. U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke traveled to Pittsburgh and Wheeling (VA) today to […]