Rep. Ed Markey on net neutrality, and ‘Making sure we get policy questions right’

As we finish up the editing chores on our coming (now live!) Sidecut Report on net neutrality, we wanted to share with you now an email Q-and-A with Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), chairman of the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet, while last week’s FCC Comcast ruling was still fresh in everyone’s mind. […]

AT&T challenges Clearwire-Sprint merger

As we predicted in our Sidecut Report on WiMax, the “new” Clearwire deal, with its heavy-hitter lineup of investors and their $3.2 billion in capital, was sure to attract the attention of the big telcos, namely AT&T and Verizon. In our predictions we guessed that the big telcos would turn up the heat on Clearwire […]

WiMAX interview: Clearwire CEO Ben Wolff

Even though he’s busy managing day-to-day operations for the “old” Clearwire as he also works on integration issues for the “new” Clearwire and its planned nationwide WiMax network, Clearwire CEO Ben Wolff still found time to talk to Sidecut Reports for a mid-summer update this week. In this edited transcript of our phone interview, Wolff […]

Google: We’ll help you keep ISPs honest

Was it really two years ago that I asked why couldn’t Google build a Desktop Bandwidth detector? In a post from my old blog on the Pulvermedia network, I wrote: One idea I kicked around a bit at this past weekend’s Vloggercon (in no small agreement with fellow blogger Matt Sherman, who is about 179 […]

Five things you didn’t know about the Clearwire WiMax deal

There was no shortage of headlines after the historic May 7 announcement of the joint venture and $3.2 billion in funding that formed the “new” Clearwire, and its plans for a nationwide WiMax network. But in the course of putting together our comprehensive research report on the topic, we uncovered several interesting factors you may […]