Sprint: 40,000 HTC EVO users signed up for Fring and using it 8 hours a day

While we still don’t have any concrete details on how many HTC EVO 4G smartphones Sprint has sold so far, it’s safe to assume that a lot of them have gone out the door — and according to a Sprint exec at a WiMAX symposium Tuesday, some 40,000 of those devices are now using the Fring […]

Sprint Reveals EVO 4G Pricing: $199 Phone, $10 extra for WiMAX, $30 for Pocketspot Capability

When we heard about plans for a big Sprint HTC EVO 4G shindig in New York tonight, we sort of figured we’d hear some more details about the first WiMAX smartphone for the U.S. market. Turns out it will be available June 4. So what will you pay for a handheld device that can surf at either […]

Clearwire adds 283,000 subscribers, plans 2 WiMAX phones

We TOLD you there was going to be a lot of news from Clearwire today, and the company didn’t disappoint: In addition to having easily its biggest quarter ever in terms of new subscriber signups — 283,000 new additions during Q1 — Clearwire also announced some additional markets for 2010 launches and said it would […]

How Sprint and Clearwire stole the show at CTIA

LAS VEGAS, NEV. — CTIA — I know it’s March Madness time, but a hoops analogy just doesn’t work to accurately describe the size of the can of whoop-ass that Sprint and Clearwire opened up on AT&T and Verizon here Tuesday at CTIA. This wasn’t a Northern Iowa getting hot at the right time and busting […]

Alvarion connects 90 cities in Brazil

Alvarion announced that its equipment is being installed in large WiMAX networks in 90 Brazilian cities. Leading the charge is the city of Feira De Santana which was recently named the best digital city deployment by Prêmio Anuário TI & Governo 2009. The network in Feira De Santana connects 300,000 residents wirelessly and provides public […]