Sprint WiMAX phone is here and it looks fabulous

The potential game-changer for WiMAX networks has arrived, in a smartphone package that maximizes the potential of high-speed connectivity. Called the HTC Evo 4G, the expected offering from Sprint was formally announced here at CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas on Tuesday, in a splashy press conference with demonstrations that focused on the device’s numerous video capabilities, including […]

Hesse: Sprint to subsidize WiMAX devices

You had to look hard through the Sprint earnings call info to find any information on WiMAX services being offered by the company, but we did find a few nuggets worth highlighting here. One that sort of jumped out of the transcript of the call (thanks, Seeking Alpha!) was Sprint CEO Dan Hesse’s pledge to […]

Can ‘portability’ lure business users to WiMAX?

When WiMAX providers talk about the technology’s attributes, cellular-like mobility is usually near the top of the list. But for many business users WiMAX’s simple portability — the ability to pick up and move your broadband connection — may prove to be a more powerful economic and operational lure, the kind of money-saving, hassle-free attribute […]

Clearwire adds 10 new markets, slates ‘official’ launch for Sept. 1

In what seems to be now a standard practice, the folks at Clearwire are launching markets by first making them available on their coverage map page, followed by “official” launches a month or so later. We are not sure of what the difference is — to us, a market is “officially” live when you start […]

Clearwire shows strong hand at Vegas launch event

Our quick impression from a full day and a half spent inside the Clearwire bubble, at the company’s “official” market-launching event in Las Vegas on July 21: The nascent national WiMAX-providing company seems well past its sometimes-confusing stumbles of 2008 and into full execution mode, showing it can put on a confident, coherent local event […]