Clearwire now offering WiMAX in Atlanta

Talk about your soft launch — nothing says the genteel South like starting to sell WiMax services without so much as a by-your-leave. Looks like our pals over at saw what we discovered surfing around the site — Clearwire has added coverage maps for Atlanta, much of which it labels as “now serving.” […]

Quick test of the Sprint 3G/4G USB device

One reason I was looking forward to last week’s trip to Vegas for CTIA was to see if my newest connectivity plaything — a U300 WiMax/3G USB dongle on loan from Sprint — would actually discover and hook up to the still-being-built Clearwire network in Sin City. If you were following this blog, you know […]

Clearwire recap: Services, devices and a new CEO

Before Clearwire Corp.’s (NASDAQ: CLWR) first quarterly conference call as a fully merged entity on March 5, we asked some questions about what the company might reveal. So how did Clearwire do in answering them? Let’s go to the scorecard! We asked: Where else will Clearwire launch services, and when? Clearwire answered: Lots of places, […]

A tale of two WiMAX stories

It’s been said that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but the PR folks at Clearwire must be scratching their heads in wonder at how a big newspaper like the Chicago Tribune could do such a poor job of reporting on the WiMax service that is coming to that city soon. In a story […]

Clearwire running ads for Chicago service

No official announcement from the company yet, but from an advertising perspective it looks like Clearwire is getting ready to launch its service in Chicago, one of the markets Sprint had hoped to launch with its Xohm service in 2008. Checking out the Chicago Tribune home page on Jan. 1, you can “clearly” see the […]