Wednesday afternoon reads: largest smart grid projects, Verizon unleashed

For your reading pleasure this Wednesday 7 September 2011: How carriers hamstring your smartphone: team at the University of Michigan and Microsoft Research has uncovered, for the first time, the frequently suboptimal network practices of more than 100 cellular carriers. Here’s the paper entitled An Untold Story of Middle Boxes in Cellular Networks. Ten largest US […]

Is WiFi a threat to mobile operators?

As more people buy iPhones and iPads, and become disenchanted with the decreasing quality of mobile networks (especially with speed) and the increasing cost of data plans (no more “unlimited” plans), more people are using WiFi networks in cafes, hotels, restaurants and other establishments. Paul Rasmussen of FierceWireless Europe asks: The threat to mobile operators […]

Don’t waste your money: 4G with data caps is worthless

Public Knowledge has published a white paper written by Michael Weinberg entitled 4G + Data Caps = Magic Beans (PDF format) which asserts that 4G data subscriptions from US carriers (except Sprint) are a complete waste of money: “Simply put, data caps make the advantages of 4G irrelevant. The caps prevent anyone from making habitual […]

Verizon’s Q2 LTE Sales: 1.2 Million New Subs, Still Behind Sprint in 4G Race

The numbers are in for Verizon’s second fiscal quarter of 2011, and from a 4G wireless provider standpoint the market leader is still Sprint by a pretty big margin, since Verizon only added 1.2 million new LTE subscribers during the most-recent fiscal reporting period. Now 1.2 million devices ain’t shabby — by our unaudited account when added […]

Confusion about LTE roaming? Read Sidecut Reports

Pardon us for a little horn-tooting here but I find it patently ridiculous that the wireless media today seems to think that the Verizon’s LTE phones won’t roam on AT&T’s LTE network meme is news. Readers of Sidecut Reports knew about this limitation way back in April, and in our May 2011 Verizon LTE Business Report this was part of […]