Thousands of 3G tablets unsold, users not willing to pay for 2nd data plan

According to this article on Computerworld, hundreds of thousands of 3G tablets are lying unsold because customers don’t want to sign up for yet another expensive data plan. Why am I not surprised about this? Most people who have an iPhone or other smartphone already have a data plan. Having another data plan for a […]

Verizon 4G LTE Business Report: May 2011

The Sidecut Reports VERIZON 4G LTE BUSINESS REPORT for May, 2011, takes a deep-dive look into the recent market launches, the new devices and overall business dealings of the provider of the nation’s first Long Term Evolution, or LTE, 4G wireless broadband network. This report examines the details of Verizon Wireless’s operations since the company […]

Verizon’s LTE Network Expands, But Questions Remain About Performance

Call it the equivalent of a public-relations carpet-bombing: Verizon Wireless today issued 11 separate press releases heralding the arrival of its 4G LTE network in a slew of smaller-sized cities across the nation, including ones you may have heard of (Hartford, Conn.) and some that don’t sound as familiar (Spartanburg, S.C.). But as Verizon continues […]

Kiss your Verizon Wireless unlimited data plan goodbye

Maybe we jumped the gun a bit our earlier predictions, but it sounds like Verizon is steadily progressing toward a day when all its so-called “unlimited” data plans are a thing of the past. If you have been following wireless providers closely like we have it’s no surprise why Verizon and other carriers are moving toward plans […]

Verizon’s Second LTE Phone Now Available: Samsung Droid Charge is $299.99

Without any explanation for its two-week delay, Verizon on Saturday announced availability of the Samsung Droid Charge, the second smartphone for the company’s new 4G LTE wireless network. Priced at $299.99 with a 2-year contract the Droid Charge has charged to the top of the pricing tier of fast smartphones, $50 more expensive than the HTC ThunderBolt, […]