Wi-Fi only mobile phone out by the end of 2003

Japanese ISP Livedoor is releasing a voice over Wi-Fi phone at the end of this year. The device is PulverInnovations’  WiSIP 802.11b phone. It can be used with any 802.11b wireless network.

According to according to Gizmodo, the device is not cheap ($500) but the calls are relatively inexpensive. The problem is that you have to be within range of a wireless hotspot and tapping in usernames and passwords every time you visit a different hotspot is tiring. I am also curious about the battery life.


  1. As far as I can tell, it is the same OEM manufacturer as Jeff’s, but I don’t believe that Jeff (i.e. Free World Dialup)and Livedoor have a relationship. Jeff is charging less than $300 for the same phone if I remember correctly.