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Company Profile: Hopling Technologies

Hopling Technologies is a global leader in wireless networking equipment for enterprises, operators and service providers, focused on bringing sophisticated wireless solutions to the public- and private-access market. Solutions based on a new kind of robust virtual coherent and converged wireless IP-based infrastructure ‚Äö?Ñ?¨ one that is scalable, secure, affordable and quick to deploy anywhere, anytime, anyplace. The company designs, develops, makes and provides next-generation intelligent hotspots and hotzones and large-scale citywide networks suitable for public- and private-access, public safety, narrowband push content, video conferencing, wireless local area networks, the last mile, wireless connectivity, mobile broadband solutions, video surveillance and IP-based cellular phones (VoIP).

Hopling Technologies new Hopling Metro Topology deployment solution creates a real wireless mesh network, which is based on the HopWARE Mesh Architecture (HMA) and incorporates the Hopling Mesh Protocol (HMP) with its full mesh function and unique capability of using a mix of 900MHz, 2.4GHz, 3.5GHz, 4.9GHz and 5GHz radio cards. It also incorporates the sophisticated Hopling Discovery Protocol (HDP) with its industry-first application Hopling Auto Mesh (HAM), which automatically detects and configures, without any manual interaction, mesh nodes in a wireless network. This enables automatic time-to-market coverage for seamless metropolitan and event-based networks, leveraging the advantages of wireless Mesh such as true mobility, high throughput, and the ubiquity of client devices. With the introduction of automatic self installable wireless indoor and outdoor nodes, companies can deploy a wireless meshed hotspot or a large wireless mesh network in a matter of hours without the need for per node wiring or installation specialists.

The Hopling Solution

Hopling Technologies superior wireless mesh network solution employs an innovative method for routing IP packets between nodes. Simply adding another node will extend the range of the wireless metropolitan area network thus creating a seamless broadband internet network. The seamless network provides bandwidth control, roaming, automatic configuration, push content functionality, universal access methods, radius services and additional access security.

The Xfire Hopgate access controller, Xnet Mark-I node and Xnet Viper nodes are all standard equipped with HDP Visual, which displays a graphical representation of the mesh network including optional GPS mapping. The HopWARE Stumbler is suitable for a Hotspot for checking channels of “non-Hopling” gateways. Streamlined networking and network management features make it easier for network managers to deploy, maintain and upgrade the network system-wide.

With the successful deployment of a wireless metropolitan area network, each customer has access to true mobile broadband connectivity. Anyone with a computer, notebook, PDA or mobile phone which is wirelessly enabled, can use the broadband connectivity services. With the help of one of the standard features of the Xfire Hopbase network services manager, customers can simply start a wirelessly enabled device, select the network and sign-up automatically to activate the internet-browser. A credit card option or pre-paid voucher can be selected as alternative for internet access via username/password.

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