Los Gatos, Ca., unwires municipal areas

The city of Los Gatos, California has unwired its municipal network to provide seamless wireless connectivity around city facilities. The idea is to enable municipal workers to access critical city data and, at the same time, provide free Internet connectivity to the public in those areas.

According to city informtion systems manager Chris Gjerde the network figures prominently into the city’s plan for emergency preparedness. He cited an incident in 1989 when an earthquake rendered the town hall unstable and city officials set up emergency operations in a parking lot outside.  Wireless access to the city network from inside and outside the physical facilities will allow city workers in such a situation to continue to work on the network. In addition to the Town Hall, access is available around the city library, a neighborhood center and a public works facility. City traffic operates on a secure channel that is separate from the access being offered to the public. The city plans to use the same physical infrastructure to extend service to the Los Gatos/Monte Sereno Police Department. It is also installing in-car video in police cruisers.

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