Mobile VOIP operator Truphone gets $32M in VC funding

Truphone, the provider of software that allows you to make free or cheap calls via Wi-Fi on your mobile phone, has raised £16.5m ($32.7m) of Series B venture capital funding. Truphone’s Series A investors – Burda Digital Ventures, Eden Ventures, Independent News & Media and Wellington Partners – participated in the Series B round.

I have used Truphone to make free voice calls on Wi-Fi networks using my Nokia mobile phone, especially when I’m traveling, to avoid nasty roaming charges. Recently, Truphone bought SIM4travel, which allows Truphone to offer cheap GSM calls worldwide via a travel SIM. According to the press release, they want to sell you a “single, global SIM card that offers not only low call charges both domestically and abroad, but also internet calls at free and ultra-low prices.” There are a number of companies such as MaxRoam that offer a global SIM card with cheap calling rates.

Because of outrageous roaming charges, many people have taken to using applications such as Truphone, Fring and Jajah on their Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones to make voice calls. Fring announced recently that they have an iPhone application in the works.