St. Louis Park sues Arinc over citywide Wi-Fi network delays

St. Louis Park, Minnesota has filed a lawsuit against Arinc, the company it hired to deploy a citywide Wi-Fi network, for damages and attorney’s fees exceeding $1.7 million. St. Louis Park, unlike other cities deploying these networks, chose to use solar-powered Wi-Fi nodes, in a project that was considered bold and ground-breaking. Now the city is dismantling those nodes (what a waste of time and money).

Arinc says that the project is only delayed and that the city was premature in declaring them in default of the contract. The city claims that so far, the network has not performed well in those areas where wireless nodes are installed.

Oh those hideous poles!

One of the biggest problems with the St. Louis Park project was that the poles used to mount the solar-powered wireless nodes, were an eyesore. Residents complained about them and attempts to paint them brown were unsuccessful:

St. Louis Park green network goes brown

Where are the lawsuits?

I am surprised that more cities have not sued the companies that promised and failed to build the citywide Wi-Fi networks that they were under contract to deploy. To the best of my knowledge, none of the cities who signed deals with EarthLink or MetroFi have filed lawsuits.


  1. WiFi Gadfly says


    Lawsuits are the last thing this industry needs, especially in cities where no tax dollars were committed to the network.

    In regards to St. Louis Park, they would not be in this situation if they had chose a vendor that had not “low-balled” on the RFP. When you choose a vendor that was $700K less than the next solution that is a recipe for disaster.

    Hopefully other cities will learn from their situation and choose vendors that have “right priced” the project instead of low-balling to get the business.

  2. Esme Vos says

    I understand now why the cities aren’t suing EarthLink and the other providers who abandoned their projects. It would require them to spend money! If they couldn’t be bothered to spend anything on the wireless network, why would they spend money on lawsuits?

  3. Martin Moreno says

    PPP Piss Poor Planning is what happend on ALL of these projects!

    Who ever thinks then can deploy a muni network and supprot it with ad revenue is smoking some serious CRACK!!! we have preached and consulted and bid on many muni jobs only to lose to the “big guys” because they had the right plan!

    Well now look at them we will be cleaning up house now when all these dumb asses come crawling back saying GEE we should have listened to the local people that have built succesful WISPS and wireless networks NOT based on add revenue but based on paying customers and all parties investing money to make it work!

    all I can do is shake my head as they dummies bring on a bad taste in everyones mouth about wireless!

    Thanks Earhlink, thanks Metrofi your all a bunch of yahoo’s!!