Cumberland, Maryland to begin charging for Wi-Fi access

CONXX, the communications provider behind AllCoNet in Allegany County, Maryland, will begin charging for Wi-Fi access to the Cumberland wireless network. Monthly fees will range between $16 and $20, daily fees between $5 and $7. CONXX also expects residents who have trouble getting connectivity indoors to purchase hardware that amplifies the wireless signals.

The Cumberland wireless network is not typical of municipal wireless broadband networks we’ve seen deployed in many US communities. For one, it’s only a small part of a larger strategy of the county to replace expensive and slow wired communications infrastructure. Several years ago, the county set up AllCoNet,  self-operated, self-sustaining regional communications carrier that uses the 6 GHz licensed frequency bands for a point-to-point ring around the network, as well as unlicensed frequency bands for point-to-multipoint connections. The county grants local ISPs wholesale access to the network to provide services to residences and businesses. Cumberland’s wireless network is part of AllCoNet.

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  1. james sowers says

    I am a paid user of cumberland wifi; I think my month is up…..are you going to bill me?
    Can you do something to improve the signal to the Notheast side of JFK APARTMENTS..135 n mechanic st?

  2. patty emerick says

    I am trying to sign up to cumberland wifi I bought a linkey AE3000
    It still wont bring uo your home page where I can sign on to what am i doing wrong

  3. wanda christopher says

    I am interested in getting Cumberland, Md wifi. Not sure what to do.