Boingo adds Swisscom hotspots to their roaming network

One of the few pieces of good news this week (as I’m trying to avoid thinking about the meltdown in the financial markets): Boingo Wireless has added 1100 Swisscom hotspots in Switzerland to their network of roaming partners. Why is this such a big deal for me? Because Swisscom’s Wi-Fi hotspot service, not only in Switzerland but in other European countries, has always been very expensive (see my 2004 posts on Wi-Fi in Antwerp and Swisscom Eurospot not happy with Muniwireless). Unlike in the US, European Wi-Fi hotspots charge a lot of money (30 EUR per day in many places).

Please note that this Boingo partnership with Swisscom applies only to their hotspots in Switzerland, so if you are in a Swisscom hotspot outside Switzerland, don’t expect to be able to roam onto that network with Boingo. The question now is: when will Boingo allow me to roam onto Swisscom hotspots outside Switzerland?

Boingo says you can access the Swisscom hotspot network in almost all airports (e.g. Zurich, Geneva) and railway stations, and in over 500 hotels (this is really a big deal for me because I hate paying those 30 EUR per day hotel Wi-Fi charges).

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