Meraki releases Wi-Fi Wall Plug for apartment buildings and hotels, updates solar mesh node

Meraki has just released a cute Wi-Fi Wall Plug which hotel and apartment building managers can install in rooms and apartment units to expand Wi-Fi access throughout their properties. The Wall Plug (pictured below) looks like the Apple Airport Express and costs $179. In addition, Meraki is now marketing a Residential WiFi Pack (which includes Wall Plugs) for less than $5000. The pack is designed to bring wireless access to a 100-unit building with minimum installation hassles and faster time of deployment.

Meraki updates solar powered wireless mesh repeater

Meraki has also released the latest version of its solar-powered mesh repeater (which one can mount on a roof to create a Wi-Fi hotzone over a group of buildings). It is also designed for hard to reach locations, such as outdoor venues, parks and areas that do not have reliable sources of electricity.

At first, Meraki thought that the solar product would sell mostly overseas, but they have sold a lot of units in the US. What’s different from the previous beta version? Meraki changed the battery to a lithium-iron-phosphate battery which has a higher power density. And because the new battery is lighter, it takes only one person to install the solar unit. There are 2 configurations: one for sunny locations such as Mexico and Arizona, and another for less sunny places like Minnesota and the Netherlands. For those who already have their own solar panels, the wireless node costs $800. If you want the solar panel and wireless node, the price is $1500.