North Ridgeville, OH installs Wi-Fi water meters

North Ridgeville, Ohio (pop. 28,000; 23 square miles) is doing what many municipalities have been busy with lately: upgrading the water meters in homes and buildings to Wi-F- enabled meters that allow the city to monitor how much water people are using. North Ridgeville plans to install 11,500 water meters. The project costs $2.8 million. The city says that the new system will allow them to find leaks and cut down on tampering of meters. Residents will know in real time how much water they are consuming and take appropriate steps towards conservation. No word yet on whether they will open the network to public Internet access.

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  1. Hi,

    This is sudesh like have the information about the water meter reading through WIFI system for Municipal cities, which help in manpower the leakage of water at various place and the data for the munipal department too

    Please all the complete information of technicality of the devices and the set details along the cost/device

    Thanks in advacne

    Sudesh reddy
    040 66441358


    Hi Im really interested in this metres and I wish you could give me the following information.

    1. what is needed to setup the whole system from server to the billing to the metres

    2. cost per meter in USD.

    3. can it be incorporated with a mobile network that would see use of text messages?

    i would want to introduce it in my country mostly the capital city where millions of gallons are lost each year from illegal connections and leakages. kindly get back to me