Hollywood, Florida deploys municipal wireless network

Hollywood, Florida (pop. 142,000; 27 square miles; 70 square km) has deployed a municipal wireless broadband network for wireless automated meter reading (AMR), public safety and free Wi-Fi service for residents. The city has hired Sling Broadband, a local wireless firm, to run the service. Sling also provides fixed WiMAX service to the municipality and businesses using the 3.65 GHz frequency.

The city has signed a contract with Johnson Controls for wireless AMR (they expect to save the city $23 million over 15 years). The network uses Motorola equipment. Residents who use the network for Wi-Fi access can expect up to 1 Mbps symmetrical downlink and uplink speeds.

UPDATE: This project has run into serious problems (7 Sept 2011).



  1. ResearchTheSource says


  2. Sling FAN says

    Sling Broadband is wimax 3.65Ghz 802.16d…..Please see fcc national license here->


    They deployed a huge Airspan network and are expanding into Atlanta, Chicago and Seatle these guys are growing at lightning speed…

  3. Bill Sling says

    Sling is a joke!!! we will never be able to legally deploy 3.65Ghz in Miami / Hollywood /Ft. Lauderdale due a host of reasons. we have no FCC approved or Airspan gear, are not in Atlanta, Chicago or Seattle… we are liars and scams.

  4. Bill Sling…lolololol RoFL lolol sounds like someone at Towerstream or someone who is on the Towerstream teet wrote this.
    Toweertsream cannot and will not be able to sustain a “LEGAL” hold on the FCC spectrum squatting on 3.65GHz little boy.
    And…who says we can’t operate on our own special frequency! 😉 lololol you sir are a joke!!! And…you keep working for everybody else, because you do not have the intestinal fortitude or the capital to do it yourself.

    Sling has lots of non licensed 5GHz WORP wimax hybrid gear YES! But, we do have 3.3-3.65GHz beta gear from Proxim, Alvarion, and yes we did test Airspan. Liars and haters back off and get your own network to lie about.

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  6. The free wifi in hollywood does not work. what’s the password or how do you get on. More wasted tax dollars.

  7. Why such negative animosity towards Sling Broadband Ive been using there service for over 2 years those guys are the best ISP our company has ever had! When ever at what ever time you call them for any issue, upgrade or question they are always there for us 🙂 All these accusations seems like a bunch of baloney from a competitor or disgruntled employee

    Sling Broadband is AWSOME! END OF STORY

    Why dont you guys go bash bellsouth or comcast lord know they need a lesson from sling on customer service!

  8. Hollywood Resident…I believe the network has not yet been released to the general public yet i called the city and they gave me a temporary password to test the network….

    I am also a resident of Hollywood! and the speed is great..I hope it stays this way free Wi-Fi is great about time these cities give something back to the community

  9. A pilot project was supposed to have been completed in October but is still not complete as of today (5/24/09). The pilot covers a corridor from downtown to the beach along Hollywood Boulevard, I believe. This area now includes many access points belonging to 3 or 4 brand new networks. I believe that one or two of the access points near Young Circle are now available to test using a WEP key (I’ve tried it and it works). I was recently given a mid June date by which public access will be made available, but these dates have been pushed back so many times that it’s hard to believe anything anymore.

  10. By the way, The old Hollywood WiFi network was available from 2004 to mid 2008 and covered the immediate downtown area and parts of the beach. It was a poor network and suffered from a flawed design. Nevertheless, it was my principal source of wireless access for four or five years.

  11. ResearchTheSource says

    SlingUser, you must work for Sling. Sling is a joke. Comcast and Bellsouth are real companies.

  12. Does anyone know the WEP key?

  13. SlingUser says

    ResearchTheSource what is your deal! Comcast and Bellsouth are companies that care more for there bottom line than there customers. Sling is unlike any ISP ive ever had, there service and support are second to none they do what ever it takes to keep there subscibers happy! which is alot more than i can say for the 20 other isp’s ive used. Andfor the record ResearchTheSource I have no affiliation for Sling yet it appears that you are going out of your way to bash a good company and I will bet my business that you are not a customer nor have been a customer to be calling them a joke…take a look at there coverage thats definatly not a joke SIR!

  14. Is there a free wifi avail in Hollywood? I have a client (in Dania actually) just north of Sheridan on Ocean picking up what appears to be (3) secured Hollywood networks. WEP keys are nowhere to be found. Thoughts anyone?

  15. The Hollywood WIFI will be released June 15, 2009.

  16. The network is now supposedly “available” and WEP keys have been removed from the Wireless Hollywood APs. However, the performance is extremely poor even when signals are very good. I’ve tried at Young Circle and City Hall Circle, both with poor results. Also, many access points that were local to me during the testing phase (I’m near Hollywood Blvd. and the bridge over the intracoastal waterway) are no longer available. I’m trying to press the City for some answers.


  17. By the way, I’m interested to hear from others concerning the performance and coverage of the new network.


  18. Well Bill…. I’ve been trying to connect to “Hollywood Wireless” for a few months now, very good signal, requires password.
    I’m at 20th & Pierce.
    When on HWD BLVD with laptop I see “Free Public WiFi” but nevers connects.
    What am I missing? (Besides a “Free” Connection)

  19. izinxo,

    The network is called “Wireless Hollywood” and there should no longer be a WEP password required.

    I don’t know where all of the “Wireless Hollywood” access points are but I do know that one is located at the new Arts Park at Young Circle. Also, another is accessible from City Hall Circle.


  20. Anyone know where the acess pots or transreceivers are in west hollywood? I’m stilling looking for a signal?

  21. Hey Bill – You may want to check your network. I am down town and got nothing up and down the block. I don’t even see anything called “wireless Hollywood” Plenty of other ones. I found an open one. So where are these access points.

  22. I went to the “Ribbon Cutting” ceremony on Jul 1 and spoke with many of the people involved from both the City and Johnson Controls. It appears that Johnson Controls has already deployed the 600+ access points and the closed network for City use is supposedly available. The Wireless Hollywood network was partially taken down so that new software could be installed. APs for the Wireless Hollywood network will begin coming on line throughout the month. I now have a couple close to me in East Hollywood and I can communicate with them and get an IP address. However, the connection speed is so incredibly slow that it’s almost useless. I’ll give it to the end of the month to see if they get this sorted out.

  23. Over here near the old Hollywood Mall, N Park Rd and Hollywod Blvd, I see the network but it registers no strength. I see some access points but I have not yet been able to log on with my Itouch.
    Interestingly the only log on success I had so far west of I95 has been at Taft and 70 Terr acroos the street from Richard’s hardware. All up and down Taft I see the network but the strength is minimal so far. It appears to be getting stronger every few days though.
    Give it time, this is a huge undertaking.
    I don’t need the driving destraction anyway lol.

  24. I live in Buchanan and 17th and even though the “Wireless Hollywood” SID is at 100% the speed is so slow that it takes close to ten minutes to accept the agreement. Good luck making a Google search. technically the network is available for use but I wonder if we really are going to be able to use the network or if it’s going to be so incredibly unusable that no one will use it to begin with.

  25. It’s now Aug 2. I was reading an article on the Sun Sentinel website about how wonderful the new Hollywood WiFi system is and that it would allow for connections at DSL speeds. Currently, I’m not able to get an IP address from the network so I can’t use the system at all, much less test for speed. The last time I was on, the speed was too slow to be of any value just as Debbie said. I suspect that this hasn’t changed.

  26. ReasearchTheSource says

    As I said, Sling Broadband is a farce.

  27. Bill,

    Who is your contact for this Wifi project. No one at the City seems to know and Sling Broadband does not answer the phone. Just curious when it might be working in my area. I can see it but its not turned on.

  28. Mike,

    My contact is John Barletta, Director of IT at the City of Hollywood.

    I checked again this morning (8/5/09) and I’m still not getting an IP address. I’m going to ask what’s going on.


  29. LOLOL These threads are Hilarious! LOLOL LMFAO!
    Sling has no WiMax…I tried to get them the authorization to use the 3.65GHz license in Florida. In there defense…NOT that I want to defend them, they did try…with no success.

    I wish them the best of luck…they need it.


    BTW: I signed my name unlike you other nimrods hiding behind Alias’. I don’t care who knows…
    “From my Experience” LOLO LMFAO

  30. Has the city of hollywood bothered to check thier network. It does not work anywhere near me or the beach or downtown. When I called, I was told it was still under construction. Why are they advertizing “wireless Hollywood” when you can’t connect to it.

  31. hollyuser21 says

    Hello this is great ! I just logged into the wireless network in Hollywood and its great! FREE Wi-Fi and decent speed…I was able to stream hulu and check email. Much better than my AT&T internet card.

    Great JOB!

  32. Well, hollyuser21, can you tell us where you are and if you’re still able to use the network? I now see that all access points have been shut down in my area (near Hollywood Blvd and Intracoastal waterway). I can no longer pick up a single one, let alone connect to one.

    Bill E.

  33. I just spoke with the City IT department and the network has been down for the past 3 weeks while Johnson Controls does fine tuning. Therefore, it is extremely doubtful that hollyuser21 was actually using the network on October 6th. The network supposedly will be available by the end of the month. Let’s see what happens.


  34. John McKenna says

    ReasearchTheSource Says COULDNT BE MORE CORRECT.

    “Laz’ is an alias–that says alot. “Laz’ always calls people SIR when he is arguing–he is an idiot. Follow the strings above–he says it when he is hiding behind a different name–“SlingUser Says.” He seems to think he can show up and teach the real Wireless Pros in Florida something…he honestly believes he knows something we dont.

    SLING IS FULL OF IT–God knows we have smelled it before. FLORIDA BROADBAND–FUSION WIreless–Sling will just be one more group that came through S FL, wasted their investors’ money and tainted the industry further.

    Nothing more disrepectful than arguing with someone smarter and more experienced LAZ–I told you this was coming.

    Bet that War chest is getting pretty thin about now isn’t it?

    I warned them–it’s their fault that network is never going to work properly by using you and the other boneheads.

    When those APs start hitting EBAY I will gladly scoop them up and use them accordingly–WHERE THEY MAKE MONEY.


  35. Please stop associating my “consulting” to Sling-Broadband with “ANY” stuff done in Hollywood, Florida.

    I made my recommendations to Sling for Hollywood. Just like other Tampa based companies and their consulting. I am not responsible for what the City, MCS, Sling, and Johnson Controls actually did or do.


    Lazaro “Laz” Sanchez
    Regional Operations
    305.812.3371 Mobile

    “Veni, Vidi, Vici.”
    (I came, I saw, I conquered)
    – Julius Caesar, Roman emperor (100BC-44BC)

    Corporate Offices
    125 Plantation Centre Drive, South
    Building 500, Suite A
    Macon, GA 31210

  36. I did want to add, since I cannot “retract” anything said.
    I am a consultant, an integrator, and a professional with over 25-years of experience. Real experience. What my clients do with the data, recommendations and metrics is up to them.
    this is a professional and very public forum.

    I do not wish to throw anyone under any proverbial “buses”…but I want and respectfully request that my name be removed from the equation. Please.

    Thank you and kindest regards to all parties,

    Lazaro “Laz” Sanchez
    Regional Operations
    305.812.3371 Mobile

    “Veni, Vidi, Vici.”
    (I came, I saw, I conquered)
    – Julius Caesar, Roman emperor (100BC-44BC)

    Corporate Offices
    125 Plantation Centre Drive, South
    Building 500, Suite A
    Macon, GA 31210


    I have mistaken LAZ as the head-honcho from SLING who has a few alias’s…which says it all.

    LAZARO SANCHEZ is a highly respected and experienced operater . My sincere apologies Laz, this forum and any else I might have offended.

    More to come.


    John McKenna

  38. When I look up “wireless Hollywood” on google, this is the only reference I can find. Maybe this Sling company would like to explain why a system that was announced in July still does not work. Maybe the city of Hollywood would like to make a comment as well. The Hollywood website indicates it’s working. To me, it’s no better than the system they put in years ago and took down. I would love to know what this non working system cost.



    Seems taking money and disappearing is Slings MO.

    It’s almost criminal how Sling has reported it’s position as one who has deployed and will manage the Hollywood project. That should be addressed.

    Wi-Fi is tough to make work but this network doesn’t stand a chance with the group’s who installed it. How many projects like it had they done before??

    Shut the 2.4Ghz off, stand down the residents and try to ROI using it for the City.

    Stop the bleeding and set expectations.

  40. Hello all; After some home work, and some phone calls to the city I have found out that Sling Broadband is the I.S.P for the network. They currently do not manage, deploy or handle anything related to the network other than the main connection to the internet. Based on what i was told Johnson Controls subcontracted the installation of the network to MCS of Tampa which have royally strewed things up! I cannot even retrieve an IP from the network

  41. Alluetta–that is exactly right. Like I said, MCS had never done this before and used reputable industry experts to boot-strap their position and reputation with the city. These experts were immediately dismissed not weeks after against the cities wishes. MCS put blubbering nincompoops’ in charge…I mean absolute idiots not too mention NO EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER. This hurts our industry overall–INCREDIBLY. This is why I am speaking out…enough is enough. Muni wireless works when done correctly by those who want to make it work–not those who want to pillage the budget every step of the way.

    THEN there is Sling. They lie so much they don’t even know they are doing it. It is almost criminal how they now try to represent their position as one of being the deployment team–which shows how ridiculous they are because it’s FAILING. The City was warned about Sling so it’s on them and I have no pity. Again, they were WARNED. Sling’s installs are pathetic–email me for pictures.

    Don’t show up in my back-yard and think your going to lie and hurt the industry without repercussions. I am JUST GETTING STARTED now I have let them hang themselves….

    John McKenna

  42. Hey guys – I got on the Wifi this morning. No welcome screen but maybe that does not work on an iPhone. Funny it started working on the same day Miami Beach went live.

  43. Terry,

    Are you still able to connect? Where are you and how well is it working, if it is working at all?

    I noticed starting on Friday afternoon that a couple of access points started showing up on the radar again. However, I was not able to connect to them. I see them this morning (11/2/09) but still not working. The network was supposed to have been delivered to the City in its entirety by last week so it’s obvious that we are not going to make deadline with a working system, at least not from my point of view.


  44. I’m using Wireless Hollywood right now. I’m having dinner at Kussifay on Hollywood Blvd. DSLReports speed test is showing 412/242kbps inside. Outside it hits 1322/1002kbps.

  45. Still on Witeless Hollywood. This time I’m in the smoking area outside of City Hall on my iPod touch. Xtereme Labs speedtest app shows 2349kbps downlink. WiFiFoFum app shows I’m rocking a -71 RSSI. Does anyone know if this connection is throttled? What’s the capacity of the wifi ISP connection? The splash page didn’t come up on it’s own, but I can pull it up at I’m going to wander around a bit and see how it goes.

  46. 348/64 at the Mobil station on the corner of Sheradon and 441. The wifi system has been working most places I’ve been today. Including lunch at Chili’s on Sheradon and 56th. Only outside in the parking lot, though. It seems pretty stable, but throughput is all over the place. I’m fairly certain they aren’t throttling end users.

  47. Thanks for the information, BStephen. Kussifay is right near City Hall. It’s no surprise that you had a strong signal (-71 RSSI) sitting outside City Hall because I think the access point is right there.

    I tested last night the access point at Young Circle and it was working fine. Also went to 10th and Hollywood near my home at it’s working so it seems like we are finally in business. I did not look at throughput. I’ll take a look next time.


  48. I can see and connect to the wireless hollywood, but am unable to connect to any websites…the connection is being refused. Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,


  49. Rose,

    Where are you exactly?


  50. Rose, the content filtering server is down. Are you able to pull up secure sites? (i.e. https://www.gmail.com) Where are you trying to connect from?

  51. The ISP circuit, splash page and content filtering server are provided and maintained by the ISP. I understand that the content filter server was restarted this afternoon. There’s about 8.4 mbit bandwidth being consumed by Wireless Hollywood so I’m assuming its working again. I did see FTP, SIP, SSL, DNS and other protocols were still in the router NAT translation tables during the “outage”, which is why I asked if anyone could pull up https://www.gmail.com or any SSL site for that matter. I fully expect that server to lock up again under peak load (34,000 requests/hr) because it simply cannot process HTTP traffic from the 3,600 clients on the network.

  52. Bryan,

    Do we really need a content filtering server, especially if it’s going to be a weak link in the network?


  53. Bill,

    Yes, the city wants to have content filtering on the public wifi. Happily, there is a much more robust solution coming that can handle the network load. We are waiting for a third party to complete some work before transitioning to the new system. Wireless Hollywood is consuming an average of 9-10mbit bandwidth right now @ 22,400 requests/hr. Peak load on that network is typically 2pm to 10pm, so I’m keeping an eye on it.


  54. Bryan,

    Are you responsible for maintaining the new network? If so, for whom do you work? Are you with ATC? I know that ATC used to maintain the old network.

    Also, can you tell us what content is to be filtered? The City’s website is not specific about this.



  55. Bill,

    My primary responsibly isn’t maintenance. I don’t believe the official maintenance contract has been issued and signed, but it is in progress with another company. The City decided what content to filter, which I don’t have specifics on. I believe it filters vulgar, gambling, and other “objectionable” sites.

    I work for MCS of Tampa and am the lead engineer for the design and installation of the network. I first heard about this project when I was referred to MCS because of my experience with this type of network deployment and the technologies being used. I have worked on several municipal Wi-Fi networks before, and have ten years of experience with meshing technologies.

    The “Wireless Hollywood” network is still serving ~3600 devices a day, 450,000+ requests, averaging 12Mbps with spikes to 16Mbps. We are saturating the ISP link, and its capacity will have to be increased to really find out what the upper limit of this system is. The public safety networks have been used for water meter billing for several months now, but it won’t be until applications integration starts that we’ll know what the upper limit for that network is. Our throughput testing shows that it will be significantly better than “Wireless Hollywood”, but it needs more users to find out how much better that will be.


  56. Bryan,

    Thanks for the information. I’m interested to see who picks up the network maintenance contract. Also, I hope that whoever does will set up some means (perhaps a forum) for users to ask questions and communicate problems. Also, I hope that some importance will be placed on reliability. When the old network was in place, I had to call the maintenance company often to tell them that the network wasn’t working and hadn’t been for days. It was as if nobody was watching and nobody cared.

    Do you know if a map is available that shows the locations of the access points for Wireless Hollywood? One of these was available for the downtown nodes of the old network (I still have it) but I haven’t seen anything for the new network.


  57. Bill,

    Since the public safety and public Wi-Fi networks share the same hardware, there has been and will be an emphasis on reliability, uptime and rapid response to outages. I can’t speak to what services the maintenance company will provide, but company in negotiations hired a solid engineer local to Miami that did the installation with us so they have an instant familiarity with the system.

    A full map of the system does exist, but I do not know if it will be released to the public. We engineered for ~95% street level coverage, with a few exceptions for private neighborhoods and areas with no suitable assets to hang equipment on.

    On a reliability note, the public Wi-Fi was brought offline a few times to implement more stringent security policies to prevent widespread outages from DDoS attacks, rogue DHCP servers and bridging loops caused by personal Wi-Fi bridges that would kick off broadcast storms. These incidents generally originated from the central or southern Hollywood beach areas, but not exclusively. The software upgrade we performed mid-June gave us more configuration options for security and flow control, but they weren’t fully implemented until mid-October. Our focus at the time was on completing the backhaul and distribution network installations, as well as increasing network capacity through additional IAPs.

    The public safety networks were largely unaffected during this time, due to their closed nature. In fact, we were using the 4.9GHz networks to push configurations and monitor the network condition “from the field.” Only the unsecured public Wi-Fi network was prone to failure due to a number of variables beyond our control (content filter server, splash page server, rogue DHCP and broadcast storms). The last time I removed Wireless Hollywood in early October was to focus on finalizing the rest of the network equipment. Once that was done, I removed our installation “backdoors” into the management network (30 Oct) and put in the production security policies. We turned the public Wi-Fi back on and that’s when Wireless Hollywood started to perform as expected.

    Having the public Wi-Fi turned on while we were still deploying made it more difficult to troubleshoot installation issues, but the technical challenges lead to a better system overall.


  58. Thanks, Bryan but I’m really not sure about the coverage. When the public network became accessible right at the end of October I got on my bicycle with my laptop and checked a few access points around my neighborhood. There was one that I could access around Hollywood Blvd. and 10th but as soon as I moved one block south to Harrison street, I lost ability to pass traffic. I also tested at home with my outdoor wireless bridge and 24 dbi parabolic grid at about 20 feet and could not access the network although I could see at least a few access points. I’m now at 17th and Fletcher (near Pembroke) using a homemade cantenna at 20 feet. I can see one access point but cannot associate with it. In a few months I’ll be moving one final time to a location in the downtown area and I’m interested to see if I can use the network from there. However, so far I’m really not convinced of anything like 95% coverage.


  59. Bill,

    The devices have a null zone directly below them and extending to 30 feet. The antennas are MAXRAD 8dBi (2.4) and 10dBi (4.9) omnidirectional. While I’m not sure of the gain of the cantenna, I do know that even at low power a 24dBi yagi antenna at 20ft will saturate the receiver to the point where the AP will no longer be able to talk to its meshing neighbors, effectively killing its ability to pass IP traffic. Not every AP has a wired backhaul, and instead relies on neighboring APs to route traffic back to one that does. We have been testing with magnetic mount 6dbi omni antennas at a height of 4-9 ft., which pick up at least one device at -79 RSSI or greater over ~95% of the 27 sq mi of coverage area. It’s that benchmark (>-79dbm for 95% of roads using a 300mw card and 6dBi external antenna) that is our contractual pass/fail criteria for coverage. To my knowledge, no official IP connectivity test has been conducted for the Wireless Hollywood system. Only the 4.9 public safety networks were tested for IP connectivity/throughput using IPERF. Please provide the AP MAC addresses for the devices you are testing, so I know which ones to pull stats from.


  60. Bryan,

    I would think that if my parabolic grid at 20 feet were capable of producing a signal that would quiet the receiver that I would at least be able to associate with the unit. However, that wasn’t the case from my location near 10th and Harrison. In fact, my personal experience has been that I have needed a very strong signal into the AP in order to get over the very high noise levels from hundreds of small wireless networks in the area. That was the way it worked with the old Hollywood WiFi network. If I didn’t see at least 85% RSSI with a very high linq quality I would have trouble associating, forget about passing traffic.

    Upon further inspection it appears that I’m seeing two APs from my location here at 17th and Fletcher. I cannot associate with either one. I have signal strength estimates but I have found that they aren’t reliable until I can associate:

    BSSID Channel
    0E195EB618E1 1
    0E195EB4E891 1

    If you could tell me exactly where these APs are it would be helpful. I can take a laptop over and see if I can associate at close range. I can also swing my antenna around and see if it helps.

    The number of small networks I’m able to pick up from here is very high–probably in the order of 30 to 40 and even more if I examine it further. That’s a lot of potential noise. By the way, I think that the gain for the cantenna is 12 or 13 dbi.

    In a network with hundreds of access points there’s no way that I would expect you to have dedicated backhaul for each unit so I expect that you would rely on adjacent APs to relay.


  61. Bill,

    B618E1 is at 16th & Fletcher, about 1.2 miles from Harrison & 10th and a heading of 221 Deg.

    B4E891 is at Mayo & 19th, about 1.27 miles from Harrison & 10th and a heading of 228 Deg.

    I would recommend B4F2B1 at Jackson & SouthLake. 249 Deg, .38 miles. There should be about 96dB of free space loss. It’s a gateway, so there will be plenty of bandwidth available (15.5Mbps aggregate last we checked). This is assuming clear line of sight @ 20ft above ground level.

    -96dBm (path loss) + 24dBm (tx antenna) + 12dBm (TX power, about 16mW) + 8dBm (rx antenna)= -52 RSL at the AP.

    The reverse would be -96dBm (path loss) + 8dBm (tx antenna) + 25dBm (TX power, about 250mW) + 24dBm (rx antenna) = -39 RSL at your bridge.

    The RSL at your bridge using the 24dB antenna would be a bit high, so the cantenna would probably work better at that range.

    -96 + 12 (tx ant) + 24 (tx power, 250mW) + 8 = -52 RSL at AP

    -96 + 8 (tx ant) + 25 (tx power) + 12 (rx ant) = -51 RSL at your bridge.

    Factor in cable loss from your antenna to receiver and you have your target RSL for proper alignment.



  62. Hey Bill and Bryan,

    Why don’t you two get a room. All this techno-babble does not mean much when the average guy can’t get connected. I’m sure the hacker community appreciates all the inside information.

  63. Thanks, Mike. Sorry about the techno babble. We are going to take this discussion offline.


  64. TechnoBabble says

    Mike, I was thinking the same thing. Funny stuff.

  65. Bryan,

    That sure is a lengthy explnation for It Dont Work!! Or maybe every place I try it is the 5 percent you dont cover. I was getting it ok like two weeks ago but now I connect and cant get even google.

  66. Terry,

    Can you provide more information? Where have you tried to connect? What equipment are you using? If it was working two weeks ago and stopped working recently, it may be the increased holiday load on the network. The recent weather seems to have affected a few APs as well, which we will look into on Monday.

    Stats from the 26th show the network hit 38,000+ requests/hr. The previous record of 34,000+ requests locked up the content filtering server (See my Nov. 12th post above). The ISP provides the Internet connection, content filtering and splash page components–which we have no control over.

    I am unable to log in remotely to the management console to check on bandwidth, so I will have to wait until I am back in Hollywood on Monday to check on it.


  67. T.M.I.
    Bryan….. 🙁

  68. That’s easy. It does not work anywhere. How about you tell me where it does work and I’ll drive there and check it out.

  69. Is the City of Hollywood still using Sling or have they switched to another ISP?

  70. I’m just trying to long on but this blog helps to see why i cant. If Hollywood is having so much trouble with thier ISP, why dont they change them to Comcast. You woulod think after almost a year they would want to spend the tax payers money a little more wisely.

  71. Funny thing I drove to city hall asking arround and met with a “confidential source”

    Turns out Sling Broadband has been moved to a redundant second connection and AT&T “Fiber” is the Primary…..Funny thing is EVERYONE agrees that they are having more issues now than before Im starting to think Sling was not the problem with hollywood wi-fi they need to replace MCS…

    I am a hollywood resident and if this thing doesnt turn arround for us the Mayor will have hell to pay for the mistakes made in this project

    On a side note, Sling has participated in quite a few federal projects with great success, I wonder why they are having issues with this project….makes me wonder?????????

  72. I live in dania n I manage 2 catch a network called ‘my network’.but its asking for a security key.anyone know it?

  73. I live off Mckinley and federal. I see the signal and can connect but I am denied internet access. wtf?

  74. Pete Nicoletti says

    John McKenna: I am looking for you… I have a large project that I intend to refer to you. Please call me asap… Thanks!

  75. Paul Cicciari says

    Why is there no signal in the young circle park. Is this not the whole idea of this system. I have a signal at my house works 75% of the time very slow around 5 to 6 hundred mbs In order to watch streaming video u need at least 12oo Fix it or shut it down right now its a total waste of tax money I would realy like to know how much money we have invested so far is there a cure in site or just a bottomless pit for all the wasted cash

  76. Paul Cicciari says

    I have 3 Ipod touch’s 3 17in mac powerbook pro’s 1 emachine 2 xbox and a toshiba called lisas window all running off at&t dsl and a router Its slow but we all have internet I have about 145 dollars tied up in ths system and at peak use still faster tha wireless hollywood,,,, If i had your funding every public area in hollywood could be hot with my system I would love to audit your books and see where all this cash is,,like in whose pocket or on her finger

  77. Before you conclude that tax dollars were wasted, find out first if the city spent any money at all on this network. In the vast majority of muni networks the cities spent zero tax dollars. In the case of Hollywood, FL, they borrowed the money but Johnson Controls has to reimburse them for parts that are not working.

    The problem with many municipalities is they are too cheap and too unknowledgeable to spec out the project so they hire the cheapest, least capable ISP they can find and their budget is not big enough for a Wi-Fi network of sufficient node density (or bandwidth). Hence, you get problems of the kind you are describing.

  78. easthwdresident says

    For over a year now I have been able to access WiFi Hwd. In the beginning I had to ‘sign up/sign in’ in order to gain access and then that requirement – thankfully – was removed .

    In the past 4-5 months I have been receiving a very strong signal and the cnx speed has been plenty fast enough when accessing websites. And when I access shows on Fancast rarely does it take more than 30 – 45 seconds for one to start and then they play without a hitch.

    I am sharing this because after reading the previous posts, I wanted the city of HWD to know that personally I appreciate the service. As anyone knows these days, internet connection is essential for job search and networking.

    My family is one that has had to do some serious financial cutbacks. One of them being Comcast and their outrageous fees. ($67 for ONLY their regular speed internet cnx – (no Cable TV), which has actually been slower than the HWD WiFi at times)

    This said….how I arrived at this particular website is because I am looking for some connection help. My old laptop – a Sony Vaio w/XP – always connected to the HWD WiFi. A few days ago, I was given a year old, barely used, Dell Inspiron Laptop with Windows 7 Home O/S.

    It will connect to the WiFi at a friend’s house (ATT – DSL via the Motorola WiFi box & I have to enter their WiFi cnx password) but I can’t get it to connect to HWD.

    My “WiFI Connections List” shows an almost full strength HWD signal, but when I try to connect I get the message “Acquiring Network Address” and then “Limited or No Connection”.

    Does anyone know if this is a laptop O/S issue or is something on the HWD WiFi end? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    Thank You from a grateful resident.

  79. I cannot reach the page to accept your terms. Please help!
    (954) 708-3310

  80. I cannot access your wifi it doesn’t prompt to accepting your terms

  81. According to the original press release Hollywood has wasted $13.9 million bucks on this project. What have we got for that money?


  82. as of 12/8/10 watchguard does not allow me to log to google, is this ok????? what is going on. please advise. Thanks.

  83. It must be removed. Now nothing is blocked. Do these guys have a clue???

  84. I can get the signal over by the Court House on Hollywood Blvd. I live on Jackson St. and receive the signal. Is this network compatible with Skype software to make calls? I know calls on Wifi networks are not free. I just want to know if the network is compatible to use Skype.

  85. I live near 49th ave and harding and can see the Wireless Hollywood network but it never connects. I have checked the City of Hollywood Site
    http://www.hollywoodfl.org/wifi/Wireless_hollywood.htm for info ,but it is little better than useless. I find it absolutely absurd to give a suggestion to “we recommend that you check to be sure you have configured your Wi-Fi settings correctly.” and not give any idea of what those settings should be. Doesn’t really engender a sense of confidence in the city’s technical staff.

  86. I think the funds would have been better spent on repaving the alleys in my neighborhood.

  87. I live near 28th and Taft, same thing happens, trying to connect, it will not provide IP address. Tried for hours today. I see a strong 56 mbps signal, but it will not connect. Wasted money.

  88. WiFi Shmifi says

    Wake up tax payers. What did you get for your 13 million bucks.


  89. Jeffrey says

    I live by US441 and Pembroke Road/Washington St. In my area, “Wireless Hollywood” has never seemed to work. It’s been up and broadcasting for what would appear to be 2 years. I see anywhere from 1-3 bars on my devices when I try to connect, however, I’m never able to connect.

    I’m able to connect to WiFi networks using any of my devices in other places (at work, my home WiFi, neighbor’s WiFi, library, various cafes throughout the county)

    The only time I can remember connecting to Wireless Hollywood, it was so intolerably slow that I said “screw it” and gave up on it. As a resident of Hollywood, this has NEVER worked in my neighborhood.

  90. City of Hollywood says
  91. this has never worked for me and i know a lot about computers. your service sucks!

  92. It does not work, and if it does, its very poor -FAIL- im at young circle, arts park 7/29/12 It does not work period either on ipad , iphone, laptop or anything- log in – No Internet Access .

  93. westnet , out of calgary built the largest wifi network in north america , not only does it work its reliable. where ever you go your like always connected. i doublt it cost them more than 500k ………

  94. paul Cicciari says

    I Hate being right .. I feel the city failed in there responsibility as the trustee of our tax dollars . Someone should be accountable ….40 million dollars on something that doesn’t work 3 years later its off line …ARE YOU SERIOUS …Someone should be in JAIL
    If the city spenders ..the ones that put $6000 Dollar Solar trash compactors in the park , And now the newest crap an EMERGENCY 911 station in the playground ,$$$ not that everyone and there mother doesn’t own a cell phone . I would love to know what this cost . Opposed to a pay phone
    Back to the main subject ..The system was set up so the underprivileged would have access That was the main reason why we needed it ( that was what they used as an excuse to set this up in the first place ) there all hoping we forgot about that .. From what I see we have last I pay 22 $ @ month for AT&T high speed at that price we can get internet for 200000 people and forget about dial up where we all started @ about 12 4 a month 400000 people on line Anyone else Missed off ?